Uploading a Udemy Course – Step By Step [Unofficial]

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Welcome to this updated 2021 Online Udemy Course Upload tutorial. Once you have your videos and assignments prepared for your course you can opt for this course and upload your course in 30 mins. This is a to – the – point guide in uploading your course. This course would be updated whenever there are some changes made in how we upload a course.

I’ll also be telling you how to fill up the Instructor Application which is a required step if you have to receive payment for the courses you make. This course can be used as a reference guide whenever you are uploading a new course on this platform. We start right from the basics steps and gradually move onto some of the important steps like how should your course landing page should look like and also some of the do’s and dont’s related to the process of uploading your course.

Some important websites that assist in creating a quality course are also mentioned during some lectures along with their links.

At the end of the course there is an optional thumbnail creation section which would help you create a great thumbnail for your course in under 5 minutes. We use a free website to create that thumnail.



Main Steps
Uploading Your Course – Part 1
Uploading Your Course – Part 2
Uploading Your Course – Part 3
Uploading Your Course – Part 4
Uploading Your Course – Part 5
Uploading Your Course – Part 6
Uploading Your Course – Part 7
Uploading Your Course – Part 8
Thumbnail Creation
Creating thumbnail for your courses

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