Top 5 Fast Jet aircraft to fly in VR.

Learn to fly then move on quickly to fly fast jets.


Since I started flying in VR a few years ago I have been blown away by how realistic it really is. I am a pilot and I got my first license in 1996 and since then I have never stopped learning.

Learning to fly puts people off because it was always so expensive….But not anymore.

Today with access to a PC and a joystick etc and better still a VR headset we really can step into the world of the aircraft pilot.

There are so many cool aircraft out there and more are being designed as we speak, we can fly in real time and water anywhere in the world. Go anywhere we want to go and find out what we can and cannot get away with.

There are a few good platforms out there and I use x-plane 11 because I like it the best. There are others and I suggest you take a look at them all.

You can fly anything you want. Fast jets, commercial aircraft, historical classics you name it and you can jump in and fly them as much as you want to places where your wallet could never afford in the real world of cash snatching.






5th Place the Canberra B2 Bomber. ( British )

4th Place the Me 262. ( German )

3rd Place the Tornado GR4. ( European )

2nd Place the Red Hawk. ( USA and Swedish )

1st place the AV8 Harrier but wait the weather is awful. ( USA ) ( British )

Lets turn the weather off.

Landing on a Moving ship

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