The Value Investing Journey, Part 1/3 – Money & Mindset

Streams of income, Financial Budgeting, Assets and Liabilities, Investor Mindset, Economics, Stock Exchange

What you will learn

Financial budgeting

Streams of income

Assets and liabilities

Mindset of successful investors

Compounded interest

Economic knowledge

Functionality of the stock exchange


This online course contains the first four chapters of “The Value Investing Journey” and is mainly recommended for beginners of investing or those who want to build or complete their basic knowledge.

The presented topics are amongst others the streams of income, financial budgeting, assets and liabilities, the mindset of successful investors, compounded interest, economic knowledge and the functionality of the stock exchange.

During the last years, we have experienced that many people don`t have enough knowledge about the stock market and therefore struggle to start investing. But especially in times of low interest rates, investing is almost without alternative.

Therefore, we want to empower you to become an investor by providing financial education!

Value Investing, which was invented by Benjamin Graham, is a stock market investing approach that is based on the fundamental data of a company. With the intrinsic value calculation and the margin of safety, Graham identified companies he could buy for share prices far below their intrinsic value and recieve extraordinary returns.

Warren Buffett adapted this approach from his professor Benjamin Graham and became one of the richest people on our earth. He focuses not only on undervalued companies but also on high-quality companies with a profitable and stable business model over a long period of time. The compounded growth of dividends also became an important aspect when selecting new investments.



About us
Introduction of Part 1
1. Earn, Save, Invest
1.1 Earn
1.2 Streams of Income
1.3 Save
1.4 Frugalism
1.5 Assets vs. Liabilities
1.6 Invest
2. Compounded interest
2.1 Average return
2.2 Influence factors
2.3 Compounded interest
3. Mindset of investors
3.1 Goals
3.2 Financial Education
3.3 Areas of knowledge
3.4 Attitudes
4. Stock = Company
4.1 Shares = Company
4.2 Stock Exchange
4.3 Economice
4.4 Money, inflation and debt
4.5 Monetary policy
4.6 Indicators
Summary Part 1

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