The PTZ Camera Operation Handbook

Best practices for live streaming, video production and recording with PTZ cameras

What you will learn

Best practices for PTZ camera operations

Video production and live streaming technologies

PTZ camera operation

Networking for video production and PTZ camera control


The PTZ Camera Operator Handbook online course is the essential guide to professional robotic camera operations. Paul Richards, your instructor, is the Chief Streaming Officer for the StreamGeeks. His new book and online course will help you unlock the full potential of your PTZ camera for modern video production.

PTZ cameras are the ideal tool for multimedia professionals involved with live streaming, video production, and video communications. This book outlines the essential aspects of camera operation as it applies to pan, tilt, and zoom cameras. This online course starts with the basics and walks you through everything you need to know including industry innovations such as NDI, DANTE, cloud-based productions and more.

This is an online course for anyone who owns or operates a PTZ camera for their organization and wants to take their skills to the next level. This book is written in plain English, to give any PTZ camera operator the tools they need to succeed in any video production environment. Camera operators can learn how to leverage the latest robotic camera technology to control multiple cameras, automate video productions and use industry best practices.

This online course follows The PTZ Camera Operator Handbook which is available on Amazon. If you do not have the book, you can download a free PDF copy in the resources section of this online course.



CHAPTER 1 – State of the Industry
CHAPTER 2 – What is a PTZ camera?
Chapter 3 – What are the components of a PTZ Camera?
CHAPTER 4 – Who is using PTZ cameras?
CHAPTER 5 – The different types of PTZ cameras
Camera Controls
CHAPTER 6 – The IR remote control
CHAPTER 7 – PTZ Camera Control Options
CHAPTER 8 – PTZ Camera Mounting Options
CHAPTER 9 – Camera exposure settings
CHAPTER 10 – PTZ Camera Operations Basics
CHAPTER 11 – What makes a good PTZ camera operator
CHAPTER 12 – Important PTZ camera features
BONUS CHAPTER – Using PTZ cameras with Video Conferencing Software
Advanced Networking, Automation and Innovations
CHAPTER 13 – Automated PTZ camera controls
CHAPTER 14 – Networking
CHAPTER 15 – Electronic PTZ
CHAPTER 16 – Innovations in video production
CHAPTER 17 – Cloud-based remote video production
Final Quiz
Final Test

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