THE MASTER KEY English Fluency Course

Hi. I’m Lumz!

I’ve been an English instructor for 13 years for all types of learners from beginner to upper advanced or from level 0 to level 15 within all age brackets (5 years old to mid-60s) thus expectedly I’ve already handled all types of learners.

If your goal is to become FLUENT in English and CONFIDENT enough for your job, business, work promotion, English exams or interviews, trips or vacation abroad, etc, without spending a lot of time and money going abroad, this is the course to take. I’ve been teaching English for over a decade, and have seen my tips and strategies help many students master the key skills they need to really understand how to use English with great confidence. My course also answers major to minor concerns of my students about learning the language like the following:

> How can I avoid forgetting English words and expressions I’ve learned previously?

> How can I be fluent in English without going abroad?

> How can understand English files, movies and videos easier?

> I’ve been learning English for so many years but I do have such a small progress?

I focus more on teaching my students the techniques on how to:

* easily remember vocabularies and good expressions they’ve learned

* improve much faster and not after so many years of studying

* learn much faster so you don’t need to go to any English-speaking countries and spend much money, time and energy just to have the English environment.

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