The Full SEO Training 2023 (+ 20 TOP Experts Teach You Fast)

Learn from the best to become the best. SEO is simple with the right knowledge how to get traffic.

What you will learn

Modern SEO basics: what works and what to avoid

How to create high-quality content for Google ranking and satisfying users’ intent

How to find traffic keywords with low competition considering a sales funnel

How to find all technical errors with the step-by-step process

How to launch effective link building campaigns with White Hat SEO

How to sell SEO services and find customers

How to update SEO skills and get all innovations


We cover all aspects of SEO, including related niches.

How do we stand out from the rest?

Most courses have only one mentor who teaches the basics of SEO. In reality, SEO is a vast field that’s too broad for one person to teach — and finding your successful niche requires a more comprehensive approach than just covering the basics.

So instead, we have different mentors who focus on their qualified subjects and share practical tips. What makes our mentors exceptional is that they are:

– speakers at world-known conferences

– published articles in Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Land, etc.

– mentioned in Forbes or other recognizable resources as top specialists in their niches

– founders or have high marketing positions.

Learn more about our mentors:

1. Mike Phillips: Senior Growth Marketing Manager at 12twenty

2. Alison Ver Halen: President of AV Writing Services

3. Robert Hodson, PhD: Editor, author, scholar, educator, and professional musician

4. Chelsea Alves: Senior Content Marketing Specialist at Rio SEO

5. Alex Macura: YDA founder, world traveler, and avid digital marketing enthusiast

6. Bernard Huang: Founder of Clearscope

7. Jeff Coyle: Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of MarketMuse

8. Shari Berg: Founder of The Write Reflection and award-winning writer

9. Chisom Nwanonenyi: Owner of Success Tech Services

10. Justin Dunham: Founder at Ércule

11. Katherine Watier Ong: Founder and Chief Strategist at WO Strategies


12. Lily Ray: Senior Director of SEO & Head of Organic Research at Amsive Digital (formerly Path Interactive)

13. Joe Sinkwitz: Co-founder and CEO at Intellifluence

14. Janet Bartoli: Founder at Bartoli Consulting Group

15. Ludwig Makhyan, Co-Founder at Mazeless – Enterprise SEO

16. Patrick Ward: Vice President of Marketing at Rootstrap

17. Lee Gaul: digital marketing and advertising expert with over ten years of experience

18. Olga Zarzeczna: SEO consultant (10+ years of experience).

19. Anatolii Ulitovskyi: Founder at UNmiss & SEOquick

20. Laura Jimenez Gamero: SEO Executive at Hearst UK

21. Taylor Kurtz: Founder at Crush the Rankings

Who can learn from this course?

Our course is a good fit for both beginners and advanced SEO specialists:

– Website owners who need more traffic

– SEO specialists who need to update their skills and find new ideas

– Interns who are looking for practical tips

– Students who wish to become experts

– Job-seekers looking to augment their experience

– Content creators who need more engagement and traffic.

SEO is easy with the right strategy and implementation. So let’s make it as simple as possible with the skills you need to head in the right direction.

What are you waiting for? — Become an SEO expert NOW


SEO Course Introduction
How Our Course Will Help You

SEO Basics: Learn What Work and Ignore Obsolete Methods

What Is On-Page SEO?
On-page SEO Tips & Process
What Is Off-Page SEO?
Off-Page SEO: Types and Methods
The most important SEO algorithms
The Most Important SEO Algorithms (Choose Priorities)
How to Measure SEO Results?
How to Analyze SEO Results?
Obsolete SEO Tactics (What Not to Do)
Obsolete SEO Tactics
Debunking SEO Myths

Learn How To Create High-Quality Content

Content Is the #1 Ranking Factor
SEO Only Works with High-Quality Content
How to Simplify Content
Customers Only Consume Simple Content and Bounce the Rest
Personalization Is the Key to Success
How to Create Personalized Content?
Be Yourself In Your Writing Style
Be Yourself and Stand Out from Competitors
Create Content for a Human Being
Humans Consume Content and Google Only Serves Them
How to Hire 1% of Top Writers?
How to Find 1% of Top Writers?
Content Editing Tips and Tricks
Editing and Good Writing
Good Design Improves Content Quality
8 Ways Good Design Improves Content Quality (Text)
Customers Buy If You Ask Them with Call-To-Action
Create Catalog Pages That Sell and Rank
How to Create Catalog Pages?
How to Create Helpful Pages
What to Analyze in UX Audit?
A Beginner’s Guide on How to Sell More With the Right Call To Action
How to Measure Quality of Content?
E-A-T Checklist from Lily Ray

Keyword Research and Content Plan

Important Keyword Metrics
Keyword Research: Understanding Essential Metrics
33 Free Keyword Research Tools (Checked & Reviewed)
16 Paid Keyword Research Tools (Cheap And Expensive)
Traditional Keyword Research Is Dead (Do This Instead)
Advanced Competitive Analysis Made Easy
Grouping a List of Keywords
Learning Users’ Intent Is a Must-Have
How to Find Video Keywords for YouTube

Technical SEO

The Best Technical Optimization Tools
11 Technical Optimization Tools I Can’t Live Without
Important Features of GSC (Google Search Console)
The Basics of GSC for SEO
Most Common Issues in Technical SEO and How to Avoid Them
How To Implement Website Migration
How To Prepare and Implement Website Migration
How to Make a Technical Audit for Big Websites
Technical Audit for Big Websites
Technical Optimization Step-by-Step
Technical SEO Checklist: Step-by-Step

Link Building Methods

Importance of White Hat Link Building
Interlinking for Users and Google
How To Earn Relevant and Authoritative Links on Haro
Struggling to build backlinks? Try this HARO strategy
Why You Should Include Guest Posting
Using Digital PR for SEO
Creating Brand Awareness on Social Media

How to Sell SEO Services

Practical Tips of Selling SEO
The Best Tips for Selling SEO

Practice and Update SEO Skills

Practice Makes Miracles
How to update SEO skills?
Focus on Your Strong Side
Ask Anything and Rank Our SEO Course

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