The Complete Stock Market Foundation Course

In This course, we will take you On a Journey from a complete novice to heights you couldn’t even imagine!

What you will learn

You will be able to understanding the basics of the stock market

From Novice to Knowledgeable about the Market in less than 2 hours

You will learn how to analyse stocks easily and comfortably

You should be ready to start your investing journey by the end of the course


This is A Complete Foundation Laying course designed for anyone that wants to strengthen his or her knowledge about the Stock Market, How it works, Why it works, And how it can work for YOU!

In this course, we will cover the Following –

  • What is the stock market
  • What are the different directions you can take on the stock market
  • What are stocks And many other assets and how they work
  • How can you start Analyzing and investing using trusted sources
  • Who are the different fascinating investors and traders you should know
  • This is not the Greatest Course in the World, No. This is Just a Tribute!

The course will be presented by experienced Investors and Traders with years of experience behind them which can provide you with a much simpler and easier way to view the market and experience it like no other online course out there.

Join us on this quest with our first full course to set the foundations of your journey, and if you like and enjoy the course you will be able to continue this journey with us to more advanced courses on the path you will choose for you!

So let’s Start this Journey together towards Your Quest for Simpler Capital!


What is the stock market And what kind of directions you can take in it
Let me tell you want will you learn in this section
So What is The stock market?
What is An Investor?
What is a Trader?
So Which Direction Should YOU take?
Some Basic Assets You Should Know & More!
What we will cover in this section
What are Stocks?
How To Open an Account With eToro in Under 3 Minutes
What are Commodities?
What is an Index&Index Funds?
How To Analyse A Stock Using eToro
Inspirations And Honourable Mentions
What you will Learn In this Section
The First Legendary Trader You will Meet
The Second Legendary Trader You will Meet
The Third Legendary Trader You will Meet
The First Legendary Investor You will Meet
The Second Legendary Investor You will Meet
The Third Legendary Investor You will Meet

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