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Why Audiences Are More Forgiving Of English Grammar Mistakes Than Readers Are

Can You Find Grammar Blunders Made By TJ and Derek

Nouns. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Whatever it is, it’s a noun.

Nouns – start here to learn about nouns.

Nouns – Common and Proper – learn the difference.

Nouns – Singular and Plural – learn how to make plurals of nouns.

Nouns – Capitalisation Rules – learn how and when to use capital letters.

Nouns – Abtract and Concrete – what they are and how they differ.

Nouns – Collective Nouns – these are not the same as plurals, as you will see.

Nouns – Countable and Uncountable – learn how to use these correctly.

Nouns – Pronouns – find out how to replace nouns in English.

Quick Tip: … and I or … and me? This quick and easy trick will help you.

Nouns – Possessive – learn the different ways of indicating ownership.

Nouns – Gerunds – find out how verbs can behave like nouns.

Compound Nouns – not collective, not plurals – something entirely different.


Articles – start here to learn about articles.

The Definite Article

The Indefinite Articles

Zero Articles

Adjectives. Learn how to modify nouns.

Adjectives – start here to learn about adjectives.

Adjectives – Different Types

Adjectives – Comparing Equal

Adjectives – Comparing Unequal

Adjectives – Superlative – the best lesson?

Adjectives – Order – learn how to order multiple adjectives.

Verbs. Learn all about the doing words.

Verbs – start here to learn about verbs.

Verbs – Categories

Verbs – Regular

Verbs – Irregular

Verbs – Active and Passive

Verbs – Transitive and Intransitive

Verbs – Auxiliary

Verbs – Auxiliary Modal

Tenses and Aspects

Tenses and Aspects – start here to learn about tenses and aspects.

Present Simple – usage, formation, examples.

Present Perfect – usage, formation, examples.

Present Continuous – usage, formation, examples.

Present Perfect Continuous – usage, formation, examples.

Past Simple – usage, formation, examples.

Past Perfect – usage, formation, examples.

Past Continuous – usage, formation, examples.

Past Perfect Continuous – usage, formation, examples.

Future Simple – usage, formation, examples.

Future Perfect – usage, formation, examples.

Future Continuous – usage, formation, examples.

Future Perfect Continuous – usage, formation, examples.

Reported Speech – he said, she said …

Examples with Contractions – a detailed explanation

Adverbs. Learn to modify not only verbs but adjectives and other adverbs too.

Adverbs – start here to learn about adverbs.

Adverbs – From Adjectives – learn how to make adverbs from adjectives.

Adverbs – Relative

Adverbs – Comparative

Adverbs – Superlative

Adverbs – Interrogative

Adverbs of Certainty

Adverbs of Degree

Adverbs of Manner

Adverbs of Place

Adverbs of Time

Adverbs of Frequency

Adverbs of Viewpoint

Adverbs of Opinion

Prepositions. Those tricky little words …

Prepositions – start here to learn about prepositions.

Prepositions of Time

Prepositions of Place

Prepositions of Direction

Prepositions of Reason

Prepositions of Connection

Prepositions of Device

Prepositions of Agency

Prepositions of Origin

Preposition or Adverb?

Punctuation. Learn how punctuation makes a difference.

Punctuation – start here to learn about punctuation.

Punctuation – Full Stop

Punctuation – Exclamation Mark

Punctuation – Question Mark

Punctuation – Quotation Marks

Punctuation – Comma

Punctuation – Oxford Comma

Punctuation – Semicolon

Punctuation – Colon

Punctuation – Hyphen

Punctuation – Dash

Punctuation – Slash

Punctuation – Apostrophe

Punctuation – Brackets

Punctuation – Fun Stuff – a reward for all your hard work.


Conditionals – Start here to learn about conditionals.

Zero Conditional – That’s a Fact

First Conditional – Promises and Threats

Second Conditional – Wishful Thinking and Advice

Third Conditional – Regret and Criticism

Mixed Conditional – Who Need Reality?

Beginners Start Here

Are you really a beginner?

If you’re a beginner, this is where you need to start

The verb ‘to be’ – master this very important verb.

The numbers 1 to 10 – get a good start with learning how to count in English.

Nouns – one or more – learn how to make plurals

The verb ‘to have’ – another important verb for you to learn.

Possessive – mine, yours etc. Got to learn them all.

The numbers 11 to 20 – learn to double your counting ability.

Days of the week – Monday through to Sunday and all the days in between.

Months of the year – January through to December and all the ones in between.

The numbers 21 to 1000 – now we’re rolling!

Telling the time – learn the different ways to tell the time of day.

Verbs – learn about the simple present tense.

Verbs – learn how to ask questions

Verbs – learn how to make negatives

Question words – Who? What? Where? When? Why? Which? How? Learn them all.

Conclusion to Written English Grammar Section

Putting English Grammar Skills to Work in All of Your Spoken Communications

Quick Wins! The High Tech Way to Perfect Communication

Listening is Key (and why this isn’t just a public speaking course

Become part of the top 1% of communicators right now!

Good news, the problems we think we have, aren’t real

Communications skills are the most important skills for success

Direct versus indirect communication

Let’s hop in with something new. Big Business Communications

Accomplish Exactly What You Want With Assertive, Persuasive Communication

Here is how you get Exactly Want you Want

Master the Key to Motivation and Persuasion

Nobody Cares About You, and That’s OK

See It, Taste It, Touch It, Feel It, Be It – Selling with Your Story

The Ultimate in Confidence builder – Seeing is believing

It’s Easy to pass a Test when the Answer Is right in front of you

You Are Normal to Fear Communicating In Some Circumstances

The Power of the Positive

Debunking the Myth of Charisma

Never Fall for These Communication Gimmicks Again!

Here is where You decide if You are serious about improving your skills

Here is How to Get the Most Out of The rest of this course

If You are in A Hurry and Only Have 1 Hour, Start Here

Quick Wins! The Secret to Using Speaker Notes Effectively

Avoiding The Initial Wrong Turn Most Speakers and Presenters Make

Developing Expert Judgment for Your Public Speaking and Presenting Opportunities

The Radical Yet Simple Solution To Finding Great Messages

Your Stories Will Make Your Ideas Unforgettable

Your PowerPoint Will Create Engagement, Not Slumber

Building an Ethical Cheat Sheet Just for You

This Is The Do Or Die Moment For Your Speaking Improvement

There Is a Perfect Test for Your Speech Or Presentation

I Will give You a Personalized Professional Presentation Critique Right Here

Continuing Your Path of Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Improvement

Customer Communication Skills For Your Consumer Life

This video ruined the weekend of Executives at a major Phone Company

Here’s what really happened.

Never Let Any Company Have the Final Word with you again

Speaking Skills for Kids (and their parents)

Public Speaking for Kids and Parents Overview

Kids Communication Goals

Kids Top Five

Kids and Passion


Cheat Sheet

Public Speaking for Kids 1st Video Rehearsal

Public Speaking for Kids 2nd Video Rehearsal

Public Speaking for Kids 3rd Video Rehearsal

Kids Conclusion

Business Communication Skills for Job Interviews

Establishing Your Job Interview Goals

Research and Preparation for the Job Interview

How to Make Small Talk

Tell Me About Yourself

The Proper Job Interview Mindset

The Strategy Memo

Rehearse Your Interview on Video

Ask for the Job

Workplace Communication: You Can Speak Up at Meetings!

How to Speak Up at Meetings Overview

Asking Questions the Right Way

Using Notes Effectively In Meetings

Risk Assessment

Be Conversational

Exude Confidence


Workplace Communication: Effectively Deliver Criticism – Business Communication

How to Deliver Criticism in the Workplace Intro

Start with Praise

Isolate Exactly What is Wrong

Give Highly Specific Advice

End with Positive Context

Workplace Video Rehearsal

Criticism in the Workplace Conclusion

Eliminate Verbal Tics, Uh, Um, Er, Ya Know

Master the Quickest, Easiest Way to Eliminate Verbal Tics

Now You Know Where the Tics Come From

You Are Not Alone

Hit the Pin, Not the Sand Trap

Don’t Let the Ding A Ling Get You

Appear More Confident By Using Smaller Words

You Will Avoid the Data Dump Blues

Never Worry About Remembering Again

The Number 1 Tip for Eliminating Nerves

A Focus Group To Make You Better

You Deserve a Personal Coach

Full Disclosure I am Not a Speech Therapist

Eliminating the Source of Your Speaking Discomfort Once and For All

Conclusion You Can Now Speak Without Verbal Tics and Fillers

Using Your Voice As a Communications Tool

How to Improve Your Voice Overview

Famous Bad Voices

How to Improve Your Voice by Recording Your Voice

Diagnosis of Your Own Voice

Feedback from Others

Defining Your Exact Problems

Listen to Natural Conversation

Practice Again and Record

Don’t Lower Your Voice

Practice on Video

Other Techniques

How to Improve Your Voice Conclusions

Communication Skills for Introducing Yourself

How to Introduce Yourself Intro

What NOT to Do

How to Introduce Yourself The Right Way

How to Introduce Yourself Video Rehearsal

Friend Feedback

How to Introduce Yourself Conclusion

Telephone Business Communication Skills

Quick Wins! Do THIS To Look and Sound Great on Skype Phone Calls

Never Confuse Personal Phone Use with Business Telephone Use Again

Why Your Phone is the Best Secret Business App Ever

Planning Your Successful Phone Environment

Planning Your Successful Phone Environment

Making Sure Your Phone Passes Your Friend Test

Planning for Winning Conference Calls

Look Prime Time Ready for Your Video Calls

Placing Phone Calls Like the Consummate Professional

Always Knowing the Best Time to Call Clients and Prospects

Now You will Never Wake Up a Client in the Middle of the Night

Answering the Phone so Everybody Knows You are Ready for Business

No Such Thing As Answering The Phone Too Quickly These Days

Your Clients Will Never Think You are Screaming At Them Again

Knowing How to Sound Your Very Best – Every Time

The Right Way to Put Someone On Hold

Making Sure They Only Hear the Magic of Your Voice

Being a Professional to Every Generation, Regardless of Your Own Preferences

Voicemail That Soothes, Not Angers

Best Voicemail Messages for Success

Take 1, Take 2, Take 3 Until You Get It Right

Avoiding The Initial Wrong Turn Most Speakers and Presenters Make

Making Your Phone Disappear At the Perfect Moments

Tit for Tat and Text for Text

Better Than the Best Hollywood Goodbyes

Conclusion – You Are Now a Master of the Telephone for Every Business Situation

Assertiveness: You Can Be A More Assertive Communicator

How to Be a More Assertive Public Speaker Intro


Style and Substance

How to Be a More Assertive Public Speaker Conclusion

Business Communication With Your Boss – How To Ask for a Raise

Ask for a Raise Overview


Ask for an Appointment

Ask for a Raise Be Positive

The Future

The Ask

What Not to Do

Competing Job Offers

Ask for a Raise Video Rehearsal and Conclusion

Business Communication – Deliver the Perfect Elevator Pitch

How to Deliver an Elevator Pitch Intro

Your Goals

One Big Idea


Role Models

2 Key Questions

The Giveaway

Watch Bad Elevator Pitches

How to Deliver an Elevator Pitch Conclusion

Storytelling – The MOST Important Communicative Skill

This DEVICE Is the Single Biggest Difference Between Great Speakers and Awful

Become a MASTER Storyteller

How to Use Stories When Giving TECHNICAL Presentations

Packaging Insights for Your Audience Using Stories

Don’t Tell Stories, Instead RE-Live Stories Public Speaking

Message Drives Stories Public Speaking

Share Your Emotions When telling Your Stories Public Speaking

What Characters and Conflicts are in Your Story Public Speaking

What is the setting for Your Story Public Speaking

Your Speaking Stories Must Contain Dialogue Public Speaking

Your Story Must have a Resolution Public Speaking

Advanced Storytelling

Use PowerPoint for Business Communication, Not As A Sleep Aid

You Will Never Give Another PowerPoint Presentation

The Perfect Starting Point for Any PowerPoint Presentation

This Will Motivate You Audience to Do Exactly What You Want Them To Do

What Are Your Motives for Delivering a PowerPoint Presentation

The Worst Possible Reason To Use PowerPoint Is…

Double Your PowerPoint, Double Your PowerPoint Pleasure

The Ultimate 2-Part Test for Every PowerPoint Slide

The Single Riskiest Thing You Could Ever Do When Delivering a PowerPoint

The Essential Steps of Creating PowerPoint Presentations

Your PowerPoint Presentation Must Be Just as Good as Your Q and A Session

You Must Be Ready for Disaster Striking!

It’s Not PowerPoint That Is Boring, It Is (look in the mirror)

Never Forget, YOU are the Boss of Your PowerPoint

Stop Asking Your Audience to Multitask!

Here Is Exactly What Should Go On Your PowerPoint Slide

This is How to Use a Graph In a PowerPoint

Nobody Cares About What Is Easy for You To Do

Would You Want to read a Book At A Movie Theater

Your Audience Already Has a Preferred Way of Reading

The Sequence of Your Presentation Is Key

Get Your Audience to Focus On One Thing At a Time This Way

Advancing Slides the Advanced Way

Want a Remote Control Then Bring Your Own

Complexity Is Your Enemy

Ha! Nobody Can See the Bottom Half of Your Slides

Only Liars Say ‘There Is No time to Rehearse the PowerPoint Presentation’

If Your PowerPoint Presentation Bores You, Guess Who Else It Bores

Laser Pointers Should Be Used Like This

One Image Per Slide Is the Golden Rule

Never Let PowerPoint Be Your Downer

Don’t Become a Character In Your Own Horror Movie

The Perfect Length of time for a PowerPoint Presentation Is…

This Is How You Cheat To Win On Every PowerPoint Challenge

Plan Your PowerPoint Preparation This Way

Test Your PowerPoint On a fresh Set of Eyes and Ears

If You Don’t Want Your Audience to Ignore Your PowerPoint, Do This

Answer These Questions Before Using Video In PowerPoint Presentations

Assume You Are the Only Competent, Trustworthy Person In the World

Don’t Forget the Occasional Prop

Just Because You Can Doesn’t Mean You Should

Notes on Special Effects

The Perfect Way to Start Every PowerPoint Presentation

Managers Will NEVER Have to Look at boring Employee PowerPoint Again!

Here Is How to Deliver Somebody Else’s PowerPoint Presentation

Your PowerPoint Presentation Still Requires Stories

Never Talk About Your PowerPoint

Free Focus Group Research to Make all Your PowerPoint Presentations Improve

The Perfect Number of Bullet Points Per slide Is…

The Perfect Number of PowerPoint Slides Is…

Be Persuasive! Using Your Communication Skills to Persuade

Quick Win! Increasing Your Odds of a Face to Face Persuasive Presentation

Always Select Your Best Persuasion Opportunities and Environments

Learning Persuasion Skills to Beat the Naturals

Mapping Out Your Finish Line – In Advance!

Moving the Numbers Game To Your Favor

The Unique Advantage of Persuasion in the Business World

Never Bore With Data Dumps Again

Master the Process Of NOT Telling People Too Much About Your Process

The 5 Key Messages for Your Persuasion Success

Your Secret Source of Winning Persuasion Messages

Note I Probably Shouldn’t Have to Mention This, But Don’t Lie

Persuade More By talking Less

There is Nothing Like Seeing Your Persuasion Messages in Text

More for You, By Not Talking About You

Here is How You Get People to Remember Your Messages

Ironing Out the Kinks in Your Persuasion Presentation

Mastering Persuasive Body Language

Persuading Yourself to Go Outside of Your Comfort Zone

The Single Best Way to Prepare for All Persuasion Presentation Opportunities

Persuasion That Takes 6 Months Is Still Persuasion

Persuasion Is Sometimes More Effective At the Top Than At The Bottom

Conquering Your Fear To Pitch Again

Conclusion You are Now Ready to Persuade!

One-On-One Communication Skills

How to Give a One on One Presentation Intro

One on One Presentation Goals

Research the Person

Top 5 Messages

How to Give a One on One Presentation Top 5 Messages Part 2

How to Use Notes

20 Questions

One on One Presentation Stories

How to Give a One on One Presentation Conclusion

Business Communication Skills for Team Presentations

How to Give a Team Presentation Overview

Team Presentation Goals

Team Presentation Top 5 Messages

Assign Topics

Team Presentation Individual Prep

How to Give a Team Presentation Group PowerPoint

Team Presentation Rehearsal

How to Give a Team Presentation Conclusion

Communication Skills for Technology Presentations

How to Deliver Technology Presentations Intro

How to Deliver Technology Presentations Intro

Technology Presentations Top Five Messages

Using Technology for Your Visuals

Don’t get Lost in Details

Benefits not Features

How to Deliver Technology Presentations Conclusion

Financial Business Communication Skills

How to Give Financial Presentation Intro

Financial Presentation Goals

Financial Presentation Messages

Financial Presentation Stories

No PPT for First 2 Minutes

Financial Presentation PowerPoint Tips

Draw Conclusions

Critiques From Others

How to Give a Financial Presentation Conclusion

Sales Presentation Communication Skills for Business

How to Give a Sales Presentation Intro

Sales Presentation Goals

Sales Presentation Messages

Types of Sales Presentations

One on One

2 Common Blunders

Sales Presentation Bonus Tips

How to Give a Sales Presentation Conclusion

Investor Pitching Presentation Skills

Investment Pitch Overview

Investment Pitch Core Messages

Investment Pitch Common Blunders

Investment Pitch The Power Point Deck

Investment Pitch Prototype

Investment Pitch Passion

Investment Pitch Conclusion

Communication Skills for Speaking to Large Audiences

How to Speak to Large Crowds Intro

Coping with Fear

Don’t Yell

Eye Contact

Longer Pauses


Possible Outcomes

Why Video Matters

How to Speak to Large Audiences Conclusion

Communication Skills for Speaking to Foreign Audiences

Speaking to Foreign Audiences Overview

Audiences Prep


Speak Slowly


Fundamentals and Stories

Working the Room

Video Record and Test

Speaking to Foreign Audiences Conclusion

How to Use a TelePrompter Effectively

How to use a TelePrompter Intro

Video Benchmark


TelePrompter 4 Key Elements

Teleprompter Speed




All 4 Together

Full Speech Practice

2 Prompter Screens

Politician Role Models

TV Role Models

Teleprompter Potential Disasters

How to Use a Teleprompter Secrets from Reagan

Reasons to Not use a Teleprompter

How to Use a Teleprompter Conclusion

Communication Skills for Making Simple Talk Head Videos

The Video Advantage In All Your Proposals – Quick Win!

Hype Versus Reality – Why Most People Never Create Simple Video

Mastering the Human Side Of Looking and Sounding Your Best on Video

How This course Will Improve Your Business

Your Proposals will Stand Head and Shoulders Above Your Competitors

Your Clients Will Find You Their Most Responsive Partner Ever

Your Website Can Be Video-Centric

Now You Can Answer Frequently Asked Questions Just Once!

Talk Your Customers Through Your Whole Business Process

Have an Even Greater Presence on YouTube

Speak Your Thought Leadership

Your Exciting Video Newsletters Will Outshine Text Newsletters

Your Client Video Testimonials Will Prove Your Credibility Beyond a Doubt

Facebook Live Will Never Scare You Again

Project Your Best Face on Skype and Zoom

Deliver Keynote Speeches Without Ever Leaving Home

Drastically Reduce Your Time Training Employees and Others

Anything You Can Type You Can Now Speak on Video

Supercharge Your Public Relations Efforts With Video

The Crisis Communications Secret Weapon

You are Now Ready to Use Video Successfully In All Communications

You are Now Ready to Use Video Successfully In All Communications

Doing This One Thing Will Give You Total Confidence Before Any Media Appearance

It’s OK To Feel Uncomfortable On Camera – Here’s How to Get Over It

You Can Look Great, Shape a Message, Answer Questions and Speak in Sound Bit

Dressing for TV and Video Success

Here Is Where to Look On Camera

How the Media Pros Rehearse Their Interviews

Move Like a Seasoned TV Pro

Never Let the Seat Swallow You Up

Never Look Bored or Scared Again

Sell the Message by Selling the Messenger

Sit Like This to Look Your Best

Standing In Front of the Camera With the Greatest of Ease

Your Turn to Be On Camera

Accomplish Your Goals With The Right Message

Anticipating the Reporters’ Questions

Brainstorming Your Message Points To Get the Best

Summary of Messaging Elements

The Power Of Your Positive Messaging

The Venn Diagram for Messaging Success

Your Turn to Brainstorm Your Messages

Stress What Is Important to YOU

And One More Thing…to Avoid

Always Be Moving Toward Your Message Points

Brief and Bland Can Be Best

Make ‘I Don’t Know’ Your Best Friend

Never Call Yourself a Crook

Never Lose a Media Debate By Not Debating

Never Stress Over the Questions Again

Pick the Easiest Question for You

Summary of Answering Tactics

The Ultimate Skill – Rewriting the Question

Three IS the Magic Number

Use a Cheat Sheet And Never Get Caught

You Don’t Have to Control the Interview – Just Control Your Own Mouth

Your Turn to Ask Questions

Demonstrating Your Answering Abilities

Absolutes Are Absolutely Easy to Get Quoted

Analogies Are Your Friends

Attack!!! Attack!!! Attack!!!

Bold, Action Words Will Get You Quoted

Cliches Might Not Impress Your English Teacher, but…

For Example…

How Do You Really Feel About This

Laugh Your Way to Media Success

Learning Moment

Pop Culture References are Irresistible to Reporters

Putting Your Sound Bites Together

Sounds Bites Are a Means Not an End

Summary of Top Ten Sound Bite Elements

Test Your Sound Bites

The Five Potential Outcomes of Every Media Interview

The Most Important Part of Your Media Prep

The Perfect Media Mindset

The Three Simplest Sound Bite Patterns Are…

Total Sound Bite Failure

What Else Is a Great Way to Get Quoted

Your Turn to Create Sound Bites

TED Talk: You Can Deliver a TED Talk Quality Presentation

What Makes a TED Talk

Passion for an Idea Worth Spreading

Tell a Story

Plan Your Visuals

Timing is Everything

Style AND Substance are Essential

Video Rehearsal is the Most Important Thing

Great Writers Read Great Writers

Apply to Speak at TED

How to Deliver a Wedding Speech

Wedding Speech Overview

Wedding Speech One Special Thing

Wedding Speech Story

Wedding Speech What Not to Do

Wedding Speech Booze

Wedding Speech Focus on Bride and Groom

Wedding Speech Cheat Sheet

Wedding Speech Video Rehearsal

Wedding Speech Feedback from Others

Wedding Speech Conclusion

Communication Skills: Give a Great Acceptance Speech

How to Give an Acceptance Speech Intro

Acceptance Speech Goals

Thank People in a Meaningful Way

Be Entertaining

Watch YouTube Greats

Tell a Story

Just the Right Amount of Emotion

Don’t Read a Speech

Speech Notes

How to Give an Acceptance Speech Conclusion

How to Be a Motivational Speaker

How to Be a Motivational Speaker Overview

Are You Motivating?

What makes You Special?

What is Your Story?

Your Process

Your Messages

Stories for Each


YouTube Role Models

Video Rehearse

Show to Others

Video on YouTube

Tell the World

Speaker Bureaus

How to be a Motivational Speaker Conclusion

Bonus Section Your Communications Library Is Now Larger

Bonus Section Your Communications Library Is Now Larger

Below Are Several Communication Books for Your Reading Pleasure

Conclusion to The Complete English Grammar Course

Course Good Luck To a Life Of Excellent Communication

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