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Technical Analysis is very easy to use for beginners. Beginners need to only learn 5 indicators in Technical Analysis. It will not confuse you and you can start making money right away. I’ve seen it work on a lot of beginners who’s mastered these 5 Technical Analysis indicators, and they have made 20-30% every year.

Technical Analysis is a must have tool for beginners to use when you start your investing journey. It can help you reduce risk and maximize profit at the same time. Technical Analysis is best combined with the stock market, because if you are a beginner and prices does drop further, 90% of the time, the stock market will go back up again, even without the use of Technical Analysis. The stock market is the best place for beginners to start.

In this Technical Analysis for Beginners Course you will learn:

  • Technical Analysis for beginners L1 – How to draw 2 types of support and resistance
  • Technical Analysis for beginners L2  – Buying below the average price
  • Technical Analysis for beginners L3 – How to read Trading Volume and Stochastic
  • Technical Analysis for beginners L4 – How to use the Elliot Wave Theory
  • Technical Analysis for beginners L5 – How to catch 4 potential bottoms

If you are able to master this Technical Analysis for Beginners course, you can easily make 20-30% every year. And beginners have a huge advantage over this, because they can’t get confused by other Technical Analysis indicators.

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