Antigen Antibody reactions

Conceptual and fundamental learning of diagnostic tests for infectious diseases What you will learn General Features of Antigen-Antibody reactions, Sensitivity and Specificity of a test Precipitation, Flocculation, Immunodiffusion tests Agglutination tests Complement fixation test Description Get a conceptual and fundamental learning of diagnostic tests for infectious diseases. Antigen-Antibody reactions Introduction What is Antigen? What is …

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Microbiology: Characterization & Identification

Introduction to Microbiology: Characteristics, Classification, Nomenclature and Identification of Microorganisms What you will learn Basic introduction to Microbiology Characterization, Classification, identification and nomenclature of Microorganisms Broad overview on diversity of Microorganisms Mapping the characteristics of Microorganisms to different fields of Biology Description This course is aimed to get a detailed understanding on the various characteristics …

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virology 4 you

what you should know about viruses What you will learn Nature of virus as etiological agent viral taxonomy viral replication pathogenesis of viral diseases viral genetics mechanism of infection lab diagnosis of viral diseases vaccination against viral diseases Description in scientific fiction and reality  virus is a June premiere  virus was the most mysterious subject …

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Drug Design and Molecular Docking by using computation Tools

Start for Beginner to Learn Computational Drug Design, Molecular Docking, Computer Aided Drug Design, Molecular Dynamics What you’ll learn Drug Retrieval Single Software used for docking Prediction to inhibit Viral Protein Compound used as Drug Agent Molecule Operating Environment (MOE) Ligand and Protein molecules interaction Visualization 2D&3D Molecules interaction How to generate publication quality figures …

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Learn DNA Primer Design for Polymerase Chain Reaction

Primer Blast, Primer Design Tools, Primer3Plus, DNA Primer Design, PCR for Beginner Course What you’ll learn Learn how to design DNA Primer for any PCR Test like SARS-nCoV2, AIDS Detection Understand Mapping and Sequencing of genomes, Cloning, Basic Research Understand Basic feature Polymerase Chain Reaction and their Steps Learn two Bioinformatics tools used for manual …

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General bacteriology a concise course

Bacteriology essential review in half hour What you will learn history of microbiology bacterial morphology and physiology bacterial growth and nutrition bacterial pathogenicity and virulence Description Bacteriology basics principles in half hour in in easy way it is suitable for professional need to refresh their knowledge and for beginners  i and for student in secondary …

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