Tableau: Beginner to Advance Tips, Tricks & Hacks

What you will learn


Unlock Tableaus Flexibility and Features with Quick Tips and Hacks


Add an Edge to your professional career


Add Professional Polish and Solid credibility to your self as a tableau developer


Parameter Use cases to unlock features


Calculated field Use cases to unlock features


Dual Axis Chart Use cases to unlock features


The national average salary for a Tableau Developer is $97,578 in the United States. While there are thousands of developers in the market, it’s really important that you stand out from the rest. In this course, I will teach you how to add that edge to your tableau visuals by using Tips and Hacks. These Tips will Help you have a professional polish to your work and credibility to you as a developer


Hi, My Name is Ikram. I am a data analyst with over 10 years of experience. During my tenure, I have been working on Tableau on a day-to-day basis. This has made me realize the default visuals start to get boring and the End-user engagement starts to decline. In order to have an edge over other tableau users and make myself stand out, I have been using certain Tips and Hack to Unlock Amazing features and flexibility in tableau. I want to share these tips & hacks with you so that you stand out from the crowd.!


The primary focus of this course is to help you do the following :

  1. To make beautiful tableau charts

  2. Unlock unlimited formatting flexibility

  3. Learn to create Dynamic functionalities and Capabilities

  4. Learn about Parameters and Calculated field

  5. And many more tips and Hacks!

Each lecture is packed with information to help you quickly navigate and create amazing visuals and improve your skills Exponentially. You can search thru the topics that might be your pain point and start from there. If you are a beginner or an expert, Doesn’t matter!, This course serves everyone. The information provided is unique, practical, and can be applied by all!






Unlock New & Beautiful Charts, Dynamic capabilities & Flexible Formatting

Rounded Gauge Bar charts
Traditional Gantt Charts
Rounded Gantt Charts
Dynamic Sorted Stacked Bar charts to enhance user experience
3 ways to create Dual axis charts
Unlock unlimited Formatting for a line graph: 1
Unlock unlimited Formatting for a line graph: 2
Unlock unlimited Formatting for a line graph: 3
Unlock Excel like “Cell” Formatting

Dynamically choose Measures and Dimensions

Learn to create a Measure List to choose dynamically
Learn to create a Dimension List to choose dynamically
Learn to add Date as a part of the Dimension List

Isolate date ranges and dynamically choose date parts

1-Dynamic date isolation: Fixing data source add relevant days to “Order_date”
2-Dynamic date isolation: Creating a testing chart using dual axis
3-Dynamic date isolation: Use DATETRUNC and DATEADD to Isolate the date ranges
Learn How to use Parameters to Dynamically Choose a Date part.

Comparing between Date Parts

Introduction and explanation of Concept
Year over year comparison for same period, Current Vs Prior Year


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