SwiftUI – Value & Reference Types

What you will learn

Understand reference types.

Understand value types

Learn about the memory system

Understand the behaviour of these types and how to use them


13 Years In iOS

Learn from one of the worlds first iOS Developers. Our lead instructor, Matt has over 13 years specialising in iOS alone. He walks you through each topic slowly using XCode projects and Playrounds.

What’s Inside This Mini Course

1. We discuss value & reference types and how they exhibit different behaviour. Reference types are instances of classes (objects) and value types refer to basic data types such as an Int, Double, String or a Struct (copied values stored in memory).

2. We write code in an XCode Playground to test the behaviour of struct and class singletons. We learn the differences in memory management and explain about some architectural principles we might be breaking.

3. You will learn

  • What is a value type
  • What is a reference type
  • The behaviour of a struct
  • The behaviour of a class

Sample Code

Sample Code Is Always Included and attached to each video.

This Course Is Free

This course is free. We aim to publish as many short courses as we can to help new iOS Developers apply for jobs in iOS and enter a high paying profession. We want those developers to write great and amazing apps that are robust, work correctly and are also maintainable too. By supplying this information for free we hope we can reach as many people studying in the pandemic as we can.

Our Mission

Our mission as a company (iOSB Free Ltd), is to share over 13 years of experience with those who are learning, changing professions or training to get jobs as iOS Developers after the economic collapse that was suffered from the pandemic. We are a company born out of the pandemic to try and help these people. With our large & in-depth knowledge of iOS we know we can guide our students to first study the fundamentals of iOS, such as ARC memory management, value & reference types, architecture and best engineering practices.

Why not join us and show your support by enrolling?

Our Promise

To share as much information as we can, quickly, concisely and using short mini courses that are easily watched and easily absorbed. We want our information to become, your information to support your search for iOS jobs and a highly profitable career.

The Instructor

Check out my Instructor profile (just briefly) and glance over it to see my experience. After 13 years on iOS I decided to start a new company to help those in need after the economical damage caused by the pandemic. Many people around the world are flocking to iOS as a solution to work remotely and receive a very high salary too. Our information can not only help get a job in iOS but it can BOOST your career forwards because we teach engineering and not just writing lines of code.

Coming Soon

  • How To Perform A Code Review
  • What Is SwiftUI? Part 2

Hope to see you soon




Welcome to iOSB Free
Welcome – What we plan to teach

Value Types

Introducing Value Types
Value Types As Parameters
Mutating Functions

Reference Types

Introducing Reference Types
Reference Types As Parameters
No Mutating Functions

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