Supply Chain and Operations: Careers & Job Skills

Learn About Career Opportunities and Job Skills Needed in the Supply Chain Industry

What you will learn

Learn about careers in Supply Chain and Operations

Learn about the roles and skills needed in the supply chain industry

How to transition into a supply chain position

Explore different types of supply chain jobs

Knowledge and skills needed for a supply chain job

How to use resources for building a career roadmap in supply chain management.


If you’re considering or beginning a career in supply chain management, you may find it a bit overwhelming to gain a comprehensive understanding of the myriad of paths to choose from within supply chain careers – and ultimately decide where to build your career.

This course will help you understand the roles, skills, and networking opportunities available, so you can get a job and prepare for a future in this lucrative and diverse field.

In this course we will go over positions in inventory management, transportation, material handling, sourcing, purchasing, manufacturing, engineering, IT, robotics, HR, and more. This course will help you set career goals and build your skills.

By the end of this course you will have a good understanding of careers in supply chain and if it is right for you.

The people who plan, manage, and run the supply chain are critical to a company’s success.

Supply chain management is a good fit for those interested in a career path that will place them in a key position in a company with the potential to advance to higher-level management positions

This course explores what a supply chain manager does and reviews careers in supply chain industry, as well as careers that benefit from supply chain education and training.



Suppy Chain management basics
Traditional Supply Chain Careers
Transition into supply chain management
Careers in retail
Careers in distribution and logistics
Manage inventory, sourcing, purchasing, and procurement
Manufacturing operations
Supply chain engineers
Program and project management
Supply chain information technology
Material handling and robotics
Supply chain innovators
Executives and other professionals
Analysts, journalists, and educators
Exercise: Create a job list
Getting a job
Finding jobs and building skills
Starting a supply chain business
Project: Build a career roadmap
Join a professional association
Build a development dashboard
Project: Create a development dashboard

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