Successful Sales for Heart-Led Entrepreneur Business Owners

Sales is a business skill, not a way of life

What you will learn

Describe the 3 pillars of successful, connected sales

Understand what sales is and what it isn’t

Identify where your mindset can effect your client’s response

Understand how the 3 pillars underpin client conversations

Describe the basic structure of a sales conversation

Start to build out your own call framework


Learn the 3 pillars that underpin your ability to sell what you do with integrity, and have a client call that leaves your clients, and you, feeling great.

Sales has such an awful reputation, which is why so many entrepreneurs never want to learn to sell. It’s thought of as sleazy, slimy, grabby, manipulative (insert any number negative feelings here!). I want to assure you that it never ever has to feel that way.

Sales is not a way of life, it’s just another business skill, which means that you can sell with your authentic voice, with integrity and never ever feel anything but connected with your clients. It’s such a relief because, sorry, if you’re in business for yourself you are also your salesperson, and marketing what you do 100% supports your sales, but if you have conversations with your clients you need this course!

I break these pillars down so that you understand how you can apply them in your own business. When you have these foundations in place, you too will have connected conversations that lead to engaged, committed, paying clients.

Each of the pillars has two areas that you can focus on – to connect with or to action. This combination approach enables your next client call to be made with ease and grace.




Introduction & Welcome

The First Pillar of Successful Sales

Introduction: First Pillar
Application 1
Application 2

The Second Pillar of Successful Sales

Introduction: Second Pillar
Application 1
Application 2

The Third Pillar of Successful Sales

Introduction: Third Pillar
Application 1
Application 2

Bonus: Find Your Values

Finding Your Values

Conclusion & Wrap up

Wrap up and recap

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