Stress management – Masterclass Mindfulness

Learn how do reduce stress by having a mindful life

What you will learn

Add mindfulness into their lifes


Mindfull walking

Mindfullness techniques


Stress? You also have it? hmmm… sometimes it is to much for our body and mind, that is why I made this course. To help you to reduce your stress by learning you the best techniques and tricks.

This masterclass will learn you everything about stress reduction by using mindfulness and meditation. In this crouse you will learn to use techniques and exercises to have a mindful life. The course is made for everyone that want to implement mindfulness in their lives.

We walk trough the basics about mindfulness and the history about it. The different meditation types and how to use your own toughs to reduce your stress level.

The course has also a lot of exercises where we get our hand on the meditation techniques of Vipassana (mindfulness). You will get al full guideline how to meditate as a beginner that never meditated before.

Mindfulness can be used in our daily lives, when we are walking, biking, doing our work, or just eat. When we are in the mindful state, we can have a lot of benefits for our body. It is scientifically proven that mindfulness really works for our mental health. Being mindful helps our brain to shift from multitasking to monotasking. This is helping our brain to press the “pause” button.

Is this course about a religion? No it isn’t. But I show you the buddhist way of meditation also (vipassana). The course is made with the intention of  scientifically proven techniques that are used by many therapists in the world. Like the MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) program is discussed and also techniques of Dr. Albert Ellis (Psychologist).




What is Mindfulness
What does Wikipedia says about Mindfulness?

About our thoughts – Reduction techniques

The ABC Model explained
The importance of the ABC model – test

Fight Or flight reaction

Fight or Flight reaction

Mindful activities

Mindful walking
Mindful Eating
Mindful fishing
Mindful waling at night

Techniques & Exercises

Make every day count (journal)

Meditation in practice

Getting started
Breathing meditation

Types of meditation

Contemplation Meditation
Concentration Meditation (2 phases)
Transcendental Meditation
Vipassana Meditation (Mindfulness Meditation)

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