Software Testing ABC – QA Bootcamp for beginners

Your direct way to become a QA testing professional
What you will learn

What you will learn


First of all, hello and thank you for enrolling to this course. I am looking forward to our time together. Enough small talk for now. Let us dive into the world of software testing.

Our world is getting more digital each day and thus more, and more qualified software testers are needed. Programs, Apps, and Websites must be thoroughly tested. One of your main activities as a tester it to assure the quality of your product. Your testing activities should find bugs and ensure that your product is working correctly. You should find bugs before the customer does, and thus you help your company to save money.

But there are much more tasks that you are responsible for besides plain testing. You may also be responsible for creating test cases and test plans. You may also be required to check requirements and documents. Ideally, you continually help to improve the testing and quality processes in your company. Your colleagues, for example, the developers trust in your deep knowledge of the software to evaluate risks.

In this course, among other things, you will learn:

  • Your tasks in software testing
  • Which qualifications are in demand
  • Which methods and tools facilitate your daily work as a software tester
  • How you manage the cross entry as a software tester
  • How you can already earn money today as a software tester and much more …

You don’t need any further prerequisites except a PC and an Internet connection and still learn how to become a good software tester.

The profession as a software tester is often underestimated. Your tasks are very diverse, and ideally, you are the protector of the quality. Together with your team, you can help so that customers get their products on time and with the right quality. We all know how frustrating it is to purchase defect products. The good thing is that testing really does make fun and that it provides a valuable contribution.

ENROLL NOW to the course & start your software tester career today!



Direct way to become a tester
Important terms
Tester tasks
Virtual machines
Cross browser testing
Mobile device testing
Efficient issue reporting
Issue handling
User Stories
Regression testing
Test case management
Simple test automation part 1
Simple test automation part 2
Explorative testing tools

First steps into test automation with Selenium IDE

First steps
Alternative setup
Your first automated test case
Modifying your test cases
Further hints and conclusion

SCRUM for software testers

What is agile software development
What is SCRUM?
SCRUM in detail: Terms
SCRUM in detail: Roles
SCRUM in details: Process
Challenges of a software tester within SCRUM
The solution to the problem
Solution 1
Solution 2
Solution 3
Tips for explorative testing 1
Tips for explorative testing 2
Tips for explorative testing 3
and more tips for explorative testing
Trick 1
Demo fo trick 1
Trick 2
Demo for trick 2
Trick 3
Demo for trick 3
Trick 4
Demo for trick 4


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