Shadow Work: Healing the Archetypes

Connecting to Your Personal Archetypes

What you will learn

To Gain an Understanding of 12 Archetypes

To Connect with Your Archetypes

To Better Understand the Purpose the Archetypes Serve in Your Life

To Heal the Shadow Self of the Archetypes Within You


In this course, you will connect with your archetypes in a way that strengthens your connection, helps to heal the shadow side of the Archetypes, and gives you a deeper understanding of who you truly are!

We will work in 3 different categories of Archetypes. You will have an understanding of the characteristics of each Archetype and chose those that you connect with.

There will be a guided shadow work section for the Archetypes that you have chosen that will spark your connection to your Archetype and lead you into a journey of self-discovery and healing. This will be an experience that offers you profound insight into the conscious mind, your unconscious mind, your heart, and the depths of your soul.

This course is for you if you have ever wondered about the bigger questions of “who you are”. Why do I feel this way? Why do I do this certain thing? I wonder why I am so (blank)? Why do I act this way? People always tell me that I (blank): you might just find the answers you have been looking for in this very course.

Archetypes are a part of the collective unconscious and many of our behaviors come from these models. What will your Archetypes tell you about YOU?




What is an Archetype?

The Archetypes: Category 1

Category 1: Archetypes
Interview Your Archetype
Shadow Work: Hero
Shadow Work: Caregiver
Shadow Work: Innocent
Shadow Work: Everyman

The Archetypes: Category 2

Category 2
Interview Your Archetype
Shadow Work: Lover
Shadow Work: Explorer
Shadow Work: Creator
Shadow Work: Rebel

The Archetypes: Category 3

Category 3
Interview Your Archetype
Shadow Work: Sage
Shadow Work: Jester
Shadow Work: Magician
Shadow Work: Ruler



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