SELF PUBLISHING – Outside the Box


What you will learn

Why you can and should write a book and know your “WHY”

Where to get started: Develop a Topic / Story-Line

Page / Book Size, Images, Margins, Get to the Point

Types of Self Publishing, Titles, and Programs

Font, Colors, Use Caution, Slang and BIG Words, Target Audience and Category

Foreward, Co-Authors, Special Guest, Reviews, Launch Date

House Keeping: Additional Cost, Self Fulfillment

Edit, Edit, Edit, Launch Party, Social Media Launch

Marketing, Branding, Hash Tags, Swag bags, Film Festivals, One thing could lead to another


GW Tolley was 95% hearing impaired until his second year of High School. He had emergency surgery that corrected the issue. English, spelling, grammar was not a strong suit to say the least.

  • Do not let what you think is a disability stop you.

When the storm of his life started with identity theft, laid off, loss of a loved one, home-less and what seamed to be endless struggles, there appeared to be no hope or no purpose in sight. When the stories wants to come out, they will find a way. The stories busted out in the form of books. Now, seven plus years and 17 books later, the goal is to show You how to Completely Self Publish so YOUR Stories get out into the world.

  • Do not let your situation or situations over come you. Everyone has challenges and issues.

If writing a book is on your heart, mind, and in your soul, then do it no matter what anyone else says or does. There are Dream Killers everywhere. You might even hear: “It will not sell!” or “You cannot do that!” The best thing is to keep it quiet and tell no one. Once published, talk and promote all you want. It is your dream, and that is all that matters. Do not take it personally!

  • Jealousy and envy run among the ones that want to hold you down. Do not be a victim!

The difference between a writer and a author is an Author is Published.

You never know who your story will touch or inspire. The World is Waiting. How will you use your passion to impact others or the world? It all starts with one person, and that is YOU.

  • It is not about me. It is all about inspiring others with hope.

GW Tolley

International Author

Self-Publishing Coach

TV Host and Executive Producer


What’s Your Story

Writer and Executive Producer

i am JOSIAH Feature Film

Awareness Advocate


Hearing Impaired and Deaf

WRITE It OUT Program – Suicide Awareness and Prevention

Firefighters, First Responders, Military, and Police Officers



Why you can and should write a book.

Know your “WHY”

Where to get STARTED

Develop a Topic / Story Line

Book Size, Get to the Point, Images, Margins

Foundation is very important: Book Size, Margins, Table of Content, Images and G

Types of Self Publishing

Types of Self Publishing

Font, Colors, Types of Words, Use Caution and Categories

Font, Colors, Types of Words, Use Caution and Categories

Co-Authors, Guest Authors, Reviews, Launch Date

Co-Authors, Guest Authors, Reviews, Launch Date

House Keeping

House Keeping

Edit! Edit! Edit! – Launch Party

Edit! Edit! Edit! – Launch Party

Marketing and Branding

Marketing and Branding

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