Sales Job Interview Masterclass – Get The Sales Job You Want

Learn sales interviewing techniques, get the sales job you want. Step through the sales interview, take action, succeed!

What you will learn

What are companies looking for when hiring a sales person and how you can demonstrate this in an interview

How to overcome objections and failures in a sales position and how to demonstrate this in a sales interview

How to handle questions in sales interviews; pause and think, engage with examples, wrap up well

Learn how to conduct yourself before, during and after a sales interview to make the best possible impression

Top tips for following up with a recruiter when you have been invited for a sales interview

Best preparation techniques for researching the role and finding out more about your interviewer

What employers are looking for in interviews and how to best position yourself as the ideal candidate

Questions and answers from a live interview webinar with job seekers; see what other people asked and how we answered them

Showing up at the sales interview, where to sit, stand, how to introduce yourself and more

Engage your interviewers with meaningful eye contact, balanced interaction and body language

Following up after a sales interview; email unanswered questions, find out about next steps

Write your elevator pitch and submit it to us for feedback; this the 2-3 minutes when you make your first (and best) impressions

Manage virtual interviews for sales positions and learn how to put backup plans in place

Dress code considerations for interviews; understanding role, industry and your brand

How to prepare, plan and learn for a sales interview to maximise your chances of getting the job

How to deal with questions and how to bring up the topic of salary in a sales interview


I am busy preparing for a physical job interview and all the content in this course is so helpful. I am really enjoying every minute of the course and I am learning so many great tips about the entire interview process. Thank you very much Peter and Tracey. You guys are amazing and super awesome!! Keep up the great work!!” – Shaunel Walker

In this course you will get the benefit from our 40 years of combined experience in sales interviews, recruitment, mentoring, coaching and career progression. Learn exactly how to handle a sales interview so that you maximise your opportunities in the workplace. Whether you are just starting out in your career or climbing the ladder, you will need to know how to ace a your next sales job interview, this includes preparation, conducting yourself during the interview and follow-up afterwards.

You will learn our top tips for sales interviews to get the job or promotion you want. These are proven techniques that brings together Tracey’s 20 years of graduate recruiting experience with Peter’s 20 years of line management and consulting experience. There are engaging lessons, student Q&A, activities, downloads, PLUS you will submit your “elevator pitch” as an assignment which we will give you feedback on. Don’t delay, get the job you want, but you will need to “interview like a boss!” … get these top tips and more today when you enroll.

This course is engaging, practical and takes you on a powerful journey that supports your individual transformation as a student, or professional at any stage of your career.

Get the following when you enrol:

  • Engaging lessons that teach you key concepts and build up your confidence so you can apply what you’ve learnt
  • A whiteboard lesson that teaches you an overview of the course and your journey of personal transformation to achieve your goal
  • Downloadable worksheets that you can refer to and get the tips and tricks you need for your activities and actions
  • An assignment at the end of the course that ensures you continue to take action and achieve your goals
  • Access to Tracey and Salil at any time through the messaging and assignments feature of the platform
  • Encouragement from other students who are focused on the same goal, just like you

Enrol today and we look forward to boosting your career with a job-winning interview!



Introduce Yourself To Your Fellow Students And Tell Everyone What Are Your Goals
Course Overview On A Wipeboard: See Your Journey To Success
Top Tips To Stand Out When Interviewing For A Sales Position
How To Interview As A Salesperson With Salil Dhawan
What Are Companies Looking For When Hiring Salespersons? – Introduction
What Should You Do Before The Interview?
What Should You Do During The Interview?
What Should You Do After The Interview?
The Qualities The Company Is Looking For In You
How To Prepare, Plan And Learn For The Interview
Are You Ready To Work In & Lead A Team?
How Do You Overcome Objections & Failure?
How To Succeed At Job interviews With Tracey Ashington
Tracey Tells Her Own Story Of A Scary Interview & How It Gave Her The Best Start
So You’ve Been Invited To An Interview; Here’s What To Do – Prep, Research ++
Interview Logistics You Don’t Want To Mess Up: Timing, Location, Route & More
How To Show Up For Your Interview & Conduct Yourself In The Right Way
Learn How To Engage Your Interviewers With Body Language, Eye Contact & More
Handling Questions: Listen, Pause, Reflect, Use Examples, Wrap Up Well
More Top Tips About Handling Questions To Ensure You Give Your Best Interview
Boss Level Hot Tip – How To Handle: “Do you have any questions for us?”
What To Wear In An Interview: Consider Industry, Role, Ask If In Doubt, Dress Up
Digital Recruiting & Interviews: Think Differently (Plus Amazing Story)
How To Handle The Virtual Interview: Boss Level Top Tips For Audio, Sound ++
Live Conversation, Q&A With Tracey And Peter: We Answer Your Interview Questions
Kicking Off The Interviews Q&A With Tracey Ashington The Boss Of Grad Recruiting
How Do You Start The Process Once You’ve Got That Phone Call For An Interview
Peter Talks About The Importance Of Being An Engaged Candidate In The Process
“Is it ok to ask about the dress code” – We Get Into The Tricky Topic!
More Dress Code Advice Tracey Tells Story About Candidate With Too Much Cleavage
“How do I deal with nerves in order to stay poised in an interview?”
Peter Gives Top Tips On Virtual Interviews
More Top Tips: Law Of Thirds For Eyeline, Backgrounds, Noise, Managing Tech
“How do you handle a question about a toxic previous work environment”
What About Areas Of Development In Interviews And Is This Negative
“Does it bother a company if you have worked for lots of other companies?”
Answering Difficult Questions Like Why Is A Manhole Cover Round
Assessing Candidates & Employers For Learning Cultures, Tracey’s Interview Trick
How To Handle Discussions About Salary In The Right Way In Interviews
Tracey Explains Mock Interviews & Gives Hot Tip For Remembering Panel Names
Assignment: Prepare A Pitch – Boss Level Response to “Tell us about yourself?”
Tracey Explains: Prepare Your Best First Impression & Get Feedback From Tracey

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