A simple way to get into forex trading | FX trading made simple | Second Job with currency trading

What you will learn

Randomness as a trading system is simple, fast and responsive and its effectiveness is easy to test.

You will learn how to set up the whole forex trading business in no time.


Forex traders use all sort of tools to try to gain an advantage over other traders. They will use fundamentals, algorithmic forex trading, technical indicators, wisdom, point and figures, pendulum and so on. Yet, a simple technique to get into forex trading is actually to use complete randomness and let the market tell us the direction to trade. If we use a well diversified portfolio, with enough currencies, the trading should be profitable. This system uses this view point. We use it at the club with reasonable success.

We aim at reaching 10% profit per month. With our sophisticated online calculator, we know exactly the number of lots we need in order to manage our trades.

The system is so simple that it requires only a bit of patience to wait for the currencies to tell us the direction. We use a robot for the exit, based on our target to reach 10% monthly or double our capital yearly. And we use a calculator for the risk management.

We use 2 platforms for this strategy. One experimental and one for the trading itself. All is explained in this course. Get the system working today and make money tomorrow or I’ll give you your money back

We have over 7000 dedicated students on this course.

Happy Pips dear traders



Introduction to randomness
Introduction to randomness
8 charts setup
Charts setup
Randomness set up
8 charts setup
Trading with the calculator
Trading with the calculator
How to get to the professional trading calculator
Update 30 Sept
Intro to Stats
intro to Stats
Intro to Club
Intro to club
Intro to news trading
Intro to EA studio
Extra material

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