Python 2021 for beginners

Basic Level (Python)

What you will learn

Know the principles of programming until the development of a basic project.

Have the bases to choose a programming language

Have basic skills for command-line management in the different operating systems

Expand your knowledge of the differences between traditional and specialized editors for a more adaptive and intuitive environment when developing your project.


This course provides the interested party with the basic knowledge for their training in programming in several of the most recognized languages. With this course, you will be able to install the language on PC or Mac and begin to understand programming in your favorite language. Recommendations are provided so that the student can orient himself towards his final objective and thus be able to choose the programming language that he likes the most. You will be able to identify the programming logic and all this to know how to analyze errors and commands that allow you to diagnose and correct programming lines. It will differentiate the programming structure according to the language in which it is being developed. What do you like more? Java, Python, C ++, C … it doesn’t matter, start programming with this course and follow your path to the world of development that pays the most in the world today. Everyone needs something on their website, application, or software developed to measure in organizations. Create solutions in the future and generate your own success. After this course, you will focus on your goals that you will undo to develop professionally. Or as a hobby to develop your own software for the world. This is how several entrepreneurs started and now they have brands that are distributed in software stores and you don’t know it; maybe you are using the developer of an operating system and we can all test it for our daily.



1 what is programing – bugs – crashes BASIC EDITION
2 What is a programing language – bugs – crashes? basic
3 Writing source code
4 Running your code
5 Using an IDE
6 Why Python?
7 Installing Python on a Mac
8 Installing Python on Windows
9 Running Python on the command line on Mac
10 Running Python on the command line on Windows
11 Installing Visual Studio Code on a Mac
12 Installing Visual Studio Code on Windows
13 Running Python in an IDE
14 Basic statements and expressions
15 Troubleshooting issues
16 Introduction to variables and data types
17 Variables across languages
18 Working with numbers
19 Properly using whitespace
20 Working with comments
21 Making decisions in code

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