Overcome Fear with Confidence and Self-Esteem

Overcome fear with confidence and self-esteem includes practical tips, applications and projects

What you will learn

How to build self-confidence (self-esteem) and exude confidence

How to eliminate fear or turn it to your advantage

How to start rebuilding your life and keep moving

How to get things done like a pro

How to learn and basic problem solving

How to live a principled life of which you can be proud

Public speaking with confidence

How to improve social interactions and dating

How to achieve your goals in life


Q: Do you feel like a loser?

A: Well, guess what? You are what you think. However, if you change the way you think, you’ll change who you are.

Q: Do you always do everything wrong?

A: Guess what again? If you think this, you’re trafficking in a particularly insidious form of negative backtalk that includes exaggeration and over-generalization. You might sometimes do some things wrong, but you always learn from your mistakes.

Hi, my name is Brian Jackson and I’ll be your instructor, at least for the next few minutes.  I’m the writer of a handful of books, publisher of over 100 books and educator with 47 Udemy courses to my name and a 4.4-star instructor rating.

This is a course about dramatically increasing your confidence, not only in yourself, known as self-esteem, but the confidence that you present to others while forming and extending relationships. Confidence will decide whether you get that much-wanted job or second date. But before applying confidence to your relationships, you must find confidence in yourself in the form of high self-esteem. Note that this is different from being a self-absorbed fathead and is instead simply self-confidence.

One of the greatest barriers to improved confidence and self-esteem is fear. Though fear serves a legitimate purpose in alerting us to danger, we sometimes fear what we should not or mistake excitement for fear. All non-useful forms of fear merely keep us from achieving our goals and result in reduced self-esteem and confidence.

This course discusses techniques for increasing the confidence you exude and the self-esteem you feel by addressing the downsides of fear. The practical advice provided is terse in nature with plenty of real-world applications. Each section in the course concludes with a project for the student to perform to reinforce the lessons just learned.

Build confidence by establishing a stable foundation for life-long success. Learn the basic building blocks you need to stack upon that foundation to build a you in which you can be proud. Have the confidence to believe in yourself and be fearless and there will be no limits to what you can achieve.

In this course, you’ll learn:

  • How to build confidence and self-esteem
  • How to eliminate fear or turn it to your advantage
  • How to find the motivation to begin and the determination to succeed
  • How to learn and basic problem-solving skills
  • How to get things done like a pro
  • How to live a principled life in which you can be proud
  • Practical applications and techniques

I encourage you to browse the course curriculum below.

Remember Udemy’s 30-day no questions asked money-back guarantee. That should make enrollment a simple decision.

I’ll see you in the classroom,





Course Overview

Establishing Confidence and Self-esteem

What are Confidence and Self-esteem?
Honoring Your Unique Abilities with an Affirmation
Caring Less About What Others Think

Additional Material

Why You Can’t Wait for Motivation
Swiss Cheesing the Problem
You’re Not Stupid, You’re Just Ignorant
How We Learn


What’s Next?
Bonus Lecture

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