Nuxt 3 Basics for Beginners

Learn basics of Nuxt – a Vue Framework

What you will learn

Learn Nuxt Basics

How to build website using Nuxt Frameworks

Concepts required to build modern website

Vuejs basics


Have you ever dreamed of building dynamic, interactive web applications with Vue.js, but felt overwhelmed by complex frameworks? Look no further! This beginner-friendly Nuxt.js course is your gateway to unlocking the power of modern web development. In just a few weeks, you’ll go from absolute beginner to building and deploying your own Nuxt.js application, mastering key concepts like routing, data fetching, and SEO along the way. Get ready to say goodbye to confusion and hello to a rewarding journey into the exciting world of Nuxt.js!

Key Benefits:


  • Build modern, interactive web apps using Nuxt and SSG/SSR
  • Create SEO-friendly and performant websites
  • Effortlessly manage routing, data fetching, and layouts
  • Deploy seamlessly to Netlify for global accessibility
  • No prior Nuxt.js or Vue.js experience required

Course Curriculum

  1. Get Started with Nuxt.js: Installation, Hello World, and Vue.js Integration
  2. Crafting Interactive Experiences: Pages, Routing, and Dynamic Content
  3. Mastering Reusability: Building Components and Layouts
  4. Data Powerhouse: Fetching from APIs, Managing State with Vuex or Pinia
  5. SEO Secrets: Optimizing Your Nuxt.js App for Search Engines
  6. Level Up Performance: Exploring the Advantages of Server-Side Rendering
  7. Launch Your App to the World: Deploying to Netlify and Beyond

So what are you waiting for? Dive into the world of Nuxt.js and build amazing web applications!

Introduction & Basics

Installation & Hello World Project
Creating Pages and Navigation Between Them

Routing & Layout

Route Parameters & Query
Components & Layouts

Data Fetching

Fetching Data with useFetch

Meta Tags

Dynamic Head & Script Tag with useHead

Server Side in Nuxt

Server Routes & Using it in Our Project

Production Deployment using Git & GitHub

Releasing Website to Netlify

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