Nutrition and Energy systems

Understanding Nutrition and everything surrounding it

What you will learn

You will be able to make an educated decision about your diet and nutrution now

You will understand the science behind nutrition

You will be able to create your own diet from this course

You will be able to understand the implications of nutrition on sport

You will be able to improve your sport performance


In this course you will learn everything surrounding nutrition. This will include the basics from terminology to the mathematical equations of energy per macro-nutrient.

The first class will be about all the terminology you will need to understand this course. You will learn about metabolism, its functions and how to use it to your benefit.

In the second class will handle about what diet is and why we have misconceptions about it. The impact of a wrong diet. You will also do everything in and around protein.

The third class will cover the ins and outs of carbohydrates. This incudes chemical make-up, how the body uses and burns it. How to burn carbohydrates will also be taught and lastly the daily recommended average for body weight and activity will be covered.

The forth class will be all about fat. How fat works in the body, its chemical make-up and the amount of energy you receive from fat molecules. The daily recommended average fat will be discussed as well as the different types of fat and why some fats are considered healthy and others not.  Fat loading will also be talked about.

In the fifth and final class I will be going over all of the Micro-nutrients as well as the basics of food labels.




Introduction and terminology

Class 2


Class 3

Carbohydrates and Glycolysis

Class 4

Lipolysis and fat loading

Class 5

Micro nutrients and food labeling

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