Niagara for Beginners in Unreal Engine 4

What you will learn


Learn how to use Materials for Visual Effects in Unreal


Learn the very basics of Niagara


Learn to create a fantasy effect using Niagara and Materials in Unreal Engine


Learn pro tips from industry veteran when creating effects


Ever wanted to create your own VFX for your games?

Creating Visual Effects can be a very complex task, but after finishing this course you will be able to become more confident about how to use Niagara, the Visual Effects system inside Unreal Engine.

You will end up with a beautiful magical effect that would fit perfect into games with fantasy style.

You will learn how to navigate your way into Niagara’s interface.

Then you will understand how Niagara works and how you can use it with different Emitters and Systems.

You will also learn materials, but this time we will focus on teaching you how you can use the most common Material Properties and nodes to create VFXs.

Lastly, we will take a look at little details inside Niagara, so we can create a mesmerizing effect that has AAA quality.

By the end of watching this course, you will understand Niagara, Materials for VFX and be able to create your own effects using your imagination. Niagara is used in a wide range of features in game development, so this will be the first step you take towards your VFX career as a VFX artist in the video game industry!




Creating a magical effect with Niagara in UE4

1. Intro & Setup
2. Creating a Niagara Emitter
3. Creating the Spark Material
4. Creating our Niagara System
5. Flare Material
6. Final Touches


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