Neuroplasticity: Discover How To Rewire Your Anxiety

cognitive functions, neuroplasticity, change your life by understanding how to rewire your brain, neuroscience

What you will learn

To develop capabilities for enhancing plasticity and cognitive skill learning

demonstrate effects of peripheral neurostimulation on cognitive skills and the brain activity supporting those skills

strength of the connections between neurons (or synapses) changes.

Neuroplasticity refers to the brain’s ability to adapt


The human brain is capable of integrating intricate and diverse inputs from multiple sensory systems simultaneously in order to rapidly comprehend and assess the information for planning and execution of complex actions. These and other cognitive functions are performed by the vastly interconnected neural networks formed by the roughly 100 billion neurons of the brain. The precise patterns of connectivity among neurons within these networks determines their function, and through experience, these connectivity patterns change over time to enable acquisition of new skills. Indeed, one of the most impressive aspects of brain function is the ability to learn new cognitive skills, such as the ability to understand and speak a foreign language. During learning, connections between neurons change through a process known as synaptic plasticity, which plays a pivotal role in learning, While traditional learning brings about changes in neural networks through experience, synaptic plasticity can also be enhanced by activating neuromodulatory regions in the brain via peripheral neurostimulation. This program seeks to use peripheral neurostimulation to facilitate the release of neurotransmitters associated with components of learning, such as acetylcholine, dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine. By combining peripheral neurostimulation with conventional training practices, we can leverage endogenous neuronal circuitry to enhance learning by accelerating the tuning of neural networks responsible for cognitive functions.

Recent success with this approach has been demonstrated in clinical rehabilitation studies, utilizing peripheral neurostimulation delivered through implanted electrodes. However, while invasive approaches may be justified for treating people with medical conditions, noninvasive methods are preferred for use in healthy individuals



the anatomy of anxiety 1

the anatomy of anxiety 1
Frontal Lobe
Rewire Brain
Understanding Anxiety 1
The Cortex and the Amygdala
The Promise of Neuroplasticity
Understanding How Anxiety Limits you in Your life
Revisiting the Two Pathways to Anxiety
The Amygdala Pathway
The Root of Anxiety Understanding The Amygdala
The Root of Anxiety consider Fran
How the Amygdala Decides what is Dangerous 1
Emotional Memories

The Fight Flight or Freeze Response

The Fight Flight or Freeze Response
Emotional Learning in The Lateral Nucleus of the Amygdala
How the Cortex Creates Anxiety
vThe Stress Response

Two Pathways to Anxiety

Two Pathways to Anxiety
The Central Nucleus
A Matter of Timing
Brain Circuitry
Circuitry Connections Between Neurons
Emotional Memories Formed By the Amygdala
Discovering the Source of Amygdala Based Memories
Panic Attacks
Teaching Your Amygdala Through Experience
Exposure Based Treatment
The Basics of Rewiring Activate to Generate
Understanding Exposure Through Practice in Diagramming 1
Association Trigger Cat
Exercise and Sleep Tips for Calming Amygdala Based Anxiety
Exercise and Anxiety 1
What Type of Exercise is Best for You
Helping Your Amygdala Get Past Panic
Lack of Sleep and the Amygdala
Coping with Sleep Difficulties
Helping your Cortex Get Past Panic
The Benefits of Relaxation
Breathing Focused Strategies
Diaphragmatic Breathing
The Language of the Amygdala
Association Trigger
The Role of the Central Nucleus of the Amygdala

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