.NET Project SDK: Migration Journey

.NET Project SDK: Migration Journey
Migrate project features to .NET compatible SDK style

What you will learn


Project SDK

Project SDK migration

NuGet PackageReference

.NET Upgrade Assistant


.NET project SDK migration is one of the most important steps that needs to be performed in order for any project to migrate from .NET framework to .NET 5+ or .NET Core.

Project SDK migration is the first step that is by default performed by .NET upgrade assistant. Nevertheless, in complex projects migration is not an easy task. It always needs to be done in increments where project SDK migration itself could the first and right step.

This course is intended to provide in-depth knowledge on how to migrate the legacy project format (features) which are based on. .NET framework to .NET core and .NET 5+ compatible SDK-style project format.

The course encapsulates all the relevant information right from the basics which are required to understand this. .NET SDK migration topic. There is a lot of Microsoft provided documentation spread across multiple documents which talks about this topic. Nevertheless, visualization becomes very difficult when the all the relevant information is not structured in an organized manner.


Firstly, the course explains in detail about the project SDK, project SDK rationale, why SDK migration is important.

Secondly, it takes into the actual topic of how to migrate the project to SDK style with all relevant examples.

Finally, it concludes by demonstrating a live project SDK migration using Visual Studio 2022 IDE.

.NET Project SDK Migration

Project SDK; What and Why?
Package Handling in .NET
Project SDK Inner View
Project SDK: Migration steps and General Recommended Workflow
Practical Project SDK Migration using VS 2022 and CLI tool

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