Multiple Streams of Realtor Income – Real Estate Investing

Street Smart Real Estate Strategies for Real Estate Agents. How Real Estate agents can maximize their earnings

What you will learn

How to look at the real estate business differently

How to take advantage of your Realtor expertise


As a Realtor, you have a unique position in your market. However, most realtors miss out on many profitable opportunities because their training has focused on one thing: Selling a house.

Instead, realtors should focus on helping people find affordable housing. By opening up their minds, new lucrative streams of income open up.

Louis ‘Lou’ Brown has been buying, selling and holding property for over 30 years. Lou is the nations leading real estate trainer, author, speaker and investor.

Lou Has:

  • Trained thousands of successful real estate investors
  • His students have acquired over 1 Billion Dollars in property
  • Is founding President of the National Real Estate Investors Association
  • Volunteered and served on the boards of numerous non-profit organizations to help create affordable housing in America

Using Lou Brown’s proven formula, investors are generating passive streams of income with little or no cash.


The Looming Threat to Real Estate Sales
Wall Street’s Plan to Dominate Real Estate
The Rush to the Bottom (declining commissions)
The Coming Housing Depression
The Internet/AI Fundamental Changes to Big Ticket (House) Sales
Exploding FSBO Sales
The Greatest Opportunity in Real Estate
Realtor Success Secret #1: The Unique Position of the Entrepreneurial Realtor
Realtor Success Secret #2: The Multiple Streams of Real Estate Income
Realtor Success#3: Digging for Gold? Building a Community based business
Realtor Success#4: Insider Secrets?
Realtor Success #5: Doing Good/Doing Well
Lou Brown’s Real Estate Investing Plan
What a Real Estate Investor Does
Wrap up
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