Mindfulness: Dealing with Anxiety and Depression

Learn mindfulness in a simple way

What you will learn


Learn mindfulness in a simple way


How to self regulate your nervous system


Deal with anxiety and depression


Improve concentration


Cultivate mental clarity


Create a new narrative


Connect with gratitude


Mindfulness: Dealing with Anxiety and Depression

This course teaches you how to reconnect with yourself,
create a new narrative, self-regulate your nervous system
and improve your mental health using mindful practices.
The practices are simple and easy to follow.
The purpose is to teach you how to learn mindfulness in a simple way,
and create inner space.


Why create inner space?

We live in a busy world.
Our environment and minds are racing and chasing.
There is no inner space or clarity to process what is happening,
spending most of the time in our minds, stressed or anxious.
When we create inner space, we experience clarity, connection,
and improved states of flow.


How to create inner space?

There can be no inner space or well-being
when the mind is overflowing with thoughts
and the body is stressed and overwhelmed with emotions.
When you learn how to connect with your breath, observe your mind,
cultivate concentration, ground yourself in the body,
and let go of your old narrative, you create inner space.


Who will benefit from this?

This course was designed for anyone searching for clarity of mind
and would like to learn mindfulness in a simple way.
The techniques shared in this course are beneficial if you are experiencing
anxiety, depression, intrusive thoughts, ADHD or PTSD.


How did this course originate?

This course originated from my challenges with mental health.
My mind was constantly overflowing with thoughts, and my body felt unsafe.
I was drowning within myself, and there was no space to be present,
to experience life without being anxious or stressed.
I felt disconnected and lived in a state of loneliness and fear.
There can be no clarity or connection in fight or flight mode.
This chapter of my life taught me the value of mental clarity.
Mindful practices helped me relieve much of my distress,
granting me solace in times of hardship.
The techniques shared in this course were essential to my healing
and continue to be a significant part of my life.




Mindfulness: Dealing with Anxiety and Depression

Old Narrative
New Narrative
Gratitude Practice
Grounding Practice: Intro
Grounding practice: Warrior Stance
Grounding Practice: Warrior Stance – Side to Side
Warrior Lunges
Sun Salutations
Qi Gong: Intro
Qi Gong: Opening the Heart
Qi Gong: Giving and Receiving
Qi Gong: Gentle Flow
Breathwork: Adham Pranayama
Breathwork: Surya Bhedana
Breathwork: Chandra Bhedana
Breathwork: Nadi Shodhana
Breathwork: Kapalabhati
Breathwork: Turtle Breathing
Mantra: Sound Meditation
Trataka: Yogic Gazing
Mindful Meditation


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