Meditation to improve focus live a relaxed stress free life

The path of Buddha , sound of silence and consciousness

What you will learn

☑How to stop overthinking

☑Anger management

☑Deeper layers of themselves

☑Hidden secrets of meditation

☑Introduction to the sound of silence

☑A possitive approch to life


This course includes various practices for meditation that will calm your mind and devlop your mindset that will help you grow in every field you work in. Meditation are categorised for various age groups and will differ person to person . There is also a detailed story and information about the practice how was it originated who is the founder how will it help you grow at various levels . This course will also help the people who are suffering with anxiety issue , anger management and will provide detailed hypothesis of various practices that can help you grow .

I have also tried to simplify the language we generally don’t understand the language scriptures and meditation are written . So the language is very easy to understand and will help various people to understand meditation from a better point of view they hadn’t experienced before .message to my readers i have been searching and practicing mediation and spirituality for more than 6 years now , and i have came through numerous experiences and changes i have gone through life . By a medium of my story i would like to share techniques , research and my experiences in various chapters.

There would be three basic chapter for different type of meditation

1 Buddha’s breath mediation and its origin

2 Sound of silence meditation and its origin

3 Meditation of consciousness and its origin




Introduction to the course


Various types of meditation

Buddha’s meditation ( vipasana ) and origin of meditation

Sound of silence meditation and its origin

Meditation of consciousness and its origin

Role of yoga in meditation

The end message and my information to contact me personally

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