Master the College Essay: The Core Four of Academic Writing

Learn to Write College Essays Like a Pro

What you will learn

The organization and structure of the college essay

The purpose of the college essay–and how to use that purpose to ace your writing assignments

How to compose the four major parts of your essay (the thesis statement, introduction paragraph, body paragraphs, and conclusion paragraph)

How to achieve cohesion in your academic writing so you wow your grader and earn “A”s


In this course, you’ll discover how to structure and compose the key elements of your academic essay: the thesis statement, body paragraphs, introduction paragraph, and conclusion paragraph. We’ll take each component one at time to ensure you know exactly what to include–and what NOT to include–in each.  We’ll also go over illustrative examples, and the course also includes optional quizzes so you can test your learning as you progress!




The Thesis Statement (Part 1)
The Thesis Statement (Part 2)
The Thesis Statement (Part 3)
Thesis Statement Quiz
The Introduction Paragraph (Part 1)
The Introduction Paragraph (Part 2)
Introduction Paragraph Quiz!
The Body Paragraphs: Easy as P.I.E. (Part 1)
The Body Paragraphs: Easy as P.I.E. (Part 2)
The Body Paragraphs: Easy as P.I.E. (Part 3)
Body Paragraphs Quiz
The Conclusion Paragraph (Part 1)
The Conclusion Paragraph (Part 2)
The Conclusion Paragraph (Part 3)
Conclusion Paragraph Quiz
Wrap Up–and Thank you!

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