Master the Art of YouTube – Shaw Social

The Ultimate Guide for Increasing your YouTube Views, Subscribers and Revenue!

What you will learn

How to use SEO to get more views on YouTube (Using search terms correctly)

How to keep viewers watching your YouTube videos (Boost audience retention & watch time)

How to use your competition to create video topics (Topic planning from competitor videos with proof of virality)

How to grow your channel and maximise your subscriber base (Utilising techniques to keep subscribers coming back)


Over the course of 5-7 years I have run many successful YouTube channels, genres starting from How To’s all the way down to Gaming Let’s Plays.

You name it, I have probably created content for it.

I got to thinking…

Over the years of creating content, growing audiences and tweaking my videos to grow on an ever-changing platform I must have gained some knowledge to do with the process that is; YouTube.

If I had years of experience in a job, wouldn’t my knowledge be worth something?

Wouldn’t it be worth sharing?


I need to share everything I know, and everything I will learn about the thing I am most passionate about.


So, I would like to formally welcome you to this short guide on how you can…


In this free eBook I am going to go over the most essential things you need in order to build a successful YouTube channel.

The tips I am going to share can be used for a wide range of YouTube genres if implemented correctly.

I won’t keep you any longer!

Thank you for downloading this eBook and watching the video series I offer, your support means much more than you understand.




Welcome to the Master the Art of YouTube video series!
Get More Views!
How to Get More Views on YouTube in 24 Hours!
How to Create Amazing Content for YouTube!
You have to do your Research!
Commit to Post Frequently to YouTube!
How to Create Amazing YouTube Thumbnails!
Why Repurposing your Videos will get you More Views!
Engage in your own Comment Section!
Are you Sharing your Videos on Social Media?
Why you Should Cross Promote your Videos!
Audience Retention & Watch Time!
How to Add Keywords to Video Files Before Uploading to YouTube!
How Mini-Series & Playlists Boost Your Video Views and Overall Growth!
Optimize YouTube Titles, Tags & Descriptions To Get More Views!
Minimize External Links on YouTube!
Get More Subscribers!
Comment & Reply to all Comments!
Calls to Actions!
Share Your Videos
Tweet at Influencers & Companies!
Branding Flow!
Solve Their Problems!
Get More Revenue!
Affiliate Links!
Influencer Marketing!
Paid Content!

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