Make effective Orgone energy tools for spiritual growth

learn to work with life force energy using orgonite

What you will learn

Learn the basics of working with polyester resin

How to use towerbusters

How to use orgone energy tools in a spiritual way

how to make orgone pyramids

how to make tower busters

how to use earth pipes for energy work around your house


Learn to make effective orgonite and use it for spiritual growth

I have been part of the orgonite gifting movement since I was 14 years old. I am now 28 and more than a decade later the popularity of orgonite has not only diluted the original movement,it has also diluted the original recipe of what well made orgonite should be. Many people today make orgonite the incorrect way not knowing what ratios to use thus making more of an art and less of a real functional piece of orgonite.

In this course you will learn how to make proper orgonite as well as some of my own insights on how to use it in a spiritual way. I will also explain why it’s important to make it with the original recipe. I was born with many psychic abilities and that has allowed me to tap into the power orgonite in a deeper way, which I will share with you

You will be learning from Ezequiel Reyes who has over a decade of knowledge and experience working with orgonite.

I first got into learning about orgonite when I started to research chemtrails and weather manipulation. I read about how orgonite could bring rain and make healthier clouds in the sky. This was back when the internet was more open and less censored

My hope is that you will benefit from making this amazing energy tool and you can feel the difference when using it.

I hope you enjoy the course and see you on the inside!



introduction: Ezequiel Reyes
intro to orgonite
materials needed and were to make orgone
Materials you will need
were to make orgone energy tools!
Making three diffrent types of orgone energy tools
How to make towerbusters
How to make layered orgone pyramids.
How to make earth pipes
How to use orgone for spiritual work
how to use orgone energy tools and closing

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