Maintenance Management & Reliability Engineering Full Course

Comprehensive Course covering all Fundamentals of Maintenance Management, Reliability Engineering and Asset Management

What you will learn

Understand the basics of maintenance management, reliability management, and asset management.

Explore various approaches, including corrective, preventive, predictive, reliability-centered, and proactive maintenance.

Learn about maintenance planning, scheduling, execution, and analysis

Optimize inventory and workforce management.

Conduct criticality analysis and implement reliability-centered maintenance

Evaluate effectiveness using essential KPIs.

How to carry out root cause analysis and troubleshooting

Select, implement, and understand asset hierarchy.


Are you passionate about optimizing industrial processes, ensuring equipment reliability, and minimizing downtime? Welcome to our comprehensive course on Maintenance Management and Reliability Engineering!

In this course, we delve into the critical aspects of maintaining complex systems, machinery, and infrastructure. Whether youโ€™re an aspiring maintenance professional or a seasoned engineer, this course equips you with practical knowledge and strategies to enhance operational efficiency.


What Youโ€™ll Learn:

  1. Introduction to Maintenance Management, Reliability Management, and Asset Management:
    • Understand the fundamental concepts behind effective maintenance practices.
    • Explore the role of reliability management in sustaining high-performance systems.
    • Learn how asset management contributes to overall organizational success.
  2. Maintenance Strategies:
    • Dive into various maintenance approaches, including:
      • Corrective Maintenance
      • Preventive Maintenance
      • Predictive Maintenance
      • Reliability-Centered Maintenance (RCM)
      • Proactive Maintenance
  3. The Maintenance Cycle:
    • From planning and scheduling to execution and analysis, grasp the entire maintenance process.
    • Discover best practices for seamless implementation.
  4. MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Operations) Management:
    • Explore inventory management techniques for spare parts.
    • Calculate minimum-maximum levels efficiently.
    • Optimize workforce management for streamlined operations.
  5. Reliability Engineering:
    • Conduct criticality analysis to prioritize maintenance efforts.
    • Implement reliability-centered maintenance strategies for sustained performance.
    • FMECA, FMEA, Failure mode effect and criticality analysis
  6. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs):
    • Understand the significance of KPIs in evaluating maintenance and reliability effectiveness.
    • Learn about essential KPI parameters.
  7. Root Cause Analysis
    • Master the process of identifying root causes behind failures.
    • Differentiate between root cause analysis and troubleshooting techniques.
  8. Asset Management Systems:
    • Explore the modules within asset management systems.
    • Gain insights into selecting the right system for your organization.
    • Learn how to successfully implement asset management practices.
    • Understand asset hierarchy and its impact on overall efficiency.
  9. Course Summary and Extra Content:
    • Summarize key takeaways from the course.
    • Stay tuned for additional extra lectures to enhance your expertise.

Join us on this educational journey as we unravel the complexities of maintenance management and reliability engineering. Enroll today and empower yourself with the skills needed to keep systems running smoothly!


Roadmap for the course
What is Maintenance ?
What is Reliability ?
What is Asset Management ?

Maintenance Strategies

Corrective Maintenance
Preventive Maintenance (PM)
Predictive Maintenance/Condition-based Maintenance (PdM/CBM)
Reliability/Risk Centered Maintenance (RCM/RBI)

Maintenance Management

Maintenance Management Cycle
Planning Vs. Scheduling
Maintenance Planning Process
Maintenance Scheduling Process

Maintenance, Repair & Operation Management (MRO)

Introduction of MRO
Spare parts classifications
Inventory Management (Min/Max Calculations)
Inventory KPIs
Workforce Management
Workforce KPIs

Reliability Engineering

Introduction about Reliability Engineering
Criticality Analysis
Process of Reliability/Risk Centered Maintenance (RCM/RBI)

Maintenance & Reliability KPIs

What are KPIs ?
KPIs parameters
Leading vs Lagging Indicators
Maintenance Process KPI

Root Cause Analysis

What is Root Cause Analysis ?
Root Cause Analysis Process

Enterprise Asset Management Systems (EAMS)

Introduction to Enterprise Asset Management System
Asset Management System Modules
Asset Management System Selection
Asset Management System Implementation
Asset Hierarchy
Preventive Maintenance Master Plan


Conclusion of the course

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