Let’s Write An Exciting Story

An Advanced Writers Course

What you will learn

Advanced writing techniques.

Practice writing exercises.

Step-by-step writing guides.

The TRUE understanding of an exciting story.


Discover missing features from your story that open doors to more exciting story writing.

What Truly Makes A Story Exciting? (it’s not what you think)

  • Advanced Writing Techniques.
  • Step-By-Step Writing Processes.
  • Story Examples.
  • Writing Exercises.

Use This Course as an Essential Tool in Your Writing Process.

I designed this course to be a practical guide, rather than a simple list of techniques that may be difficult to understand or implement in your writing. This course can not only massively benefit those of you who are new to writing fiction, but also those who already have prior experience. Whether you are writing a new story, or developing a work-in-progress, this course is for you.

While you begin to learn the secrets of an exciting story, I will be giving you clear story examples, and step-by.-step writing processes to follow. You may be struggling with writer’s block, lacking confidence in your writing, or having issues with understanding the theory of exciting stories. Whatever it is, this course is guaranteed to make your story more exciting, gripping and shocking!

Content and Overview.

This course contains easy-to-follow videos explaining the advanced writing techniques that can make your story more gripping, with simple step-by-step walkthroughs of what is usually a complex writing process. It also provides creative ideas with a methodical structure to help you plan an exciting story from the ground up.

In this course, I will explain 3 fundamental story features (Impossible Choice, Apparent Defeat, Betrayal).
Stories will be narrated to you which demonstrate the right and wrong ways to apply these techniques.
You will then follow the step-by-step writing process, and be given ideas for common plots if you struggle to think of ideas.
Finally, you will have the opportunity to practice writing these techniques in additional narrated stories designed specifically for this purpose.

By the end of this course, you will have a deep understanding of what truly makes any story exciting.
Also, you will have the tools needed to apply these methods to your own stories.

This course lays the foundations of an exciting story. If you would like to build on this to add more depth, for example by including elements of mystery or romance, then look out for my future courses or visit Joe Webb The Storyteller on YouTube for additional writing information and announcements of future courses here on Udemy.



Understand THESE things before writing.

You MUST create instability
What Exciting REALLY Means

Chapter 1 – An Impossible Choice

Difficult vs Impossible Choices
Purpose: A Test Of Character
Ideas For Impossible Choices
Things You MUST Think About.
Writing Exercise

Chapter 2 – An Apparent Defeat

Have YOU Had An Apparent Defeat?
Purpose: How Worthy Are They?
The WRONG way to do it.
Story Example: The Wrong Way
Story Example: The RIGHT way
Why you NEED an apparent defeat.
Ideas For An Apparent Defeat
Things You MUST Think About.
Writing Exercise

Chapter 3 – Betrayal

What Is A Betrayal?
You’ve Been Scammed
Simple vs Complex Betrayal
Story Example
The WRONG way to do it
The RIGHT way to do it
Step-By-Step Writing Process
Ideas For A Betrayal
Things you MUST think about
Writing Exercise

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