Learning Google Drive from Scratch

Google Drive is a free-to-use Cloud Storage service by Google. You can use this service from a web browser and install an application on your computer to back up your files safely.

In this course, we will explore how we can upload, manage, and backup your files to this service so that your file is always organized and is always within your access.

We will first see how we can access Google Drive and explore its interface from a web browser. We will then see how we can upload files and manage Documents, Spreadsheets, and Presentation Slide file types from the application.

We will then explore how we can download the files from Google Drive onto our computer as well and explore file recovery features on it.

We will see how we can manage our folders and folder colors and see how we can view various properties of the files stored on our Google Drive.

Then, we will explore the searching features which lets us find the exact file that we want.

We will then see how we can utilize the share options to easily share our files with others for collaboration purposes.

We will also explore the service options to integrate Google Drive with other web applications.

We will then see how we can use the Backup and Sync application to backup files from our computer to Google Drive.

Finally, we will end the course.

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