Learn Docker asap[Hands on practical]

Learn to containerize your application with Docker and manage multiple docker container with Docker Compose

What you will learn

Learn the fundamental concepts of containerization and virtualization

Learn what is docker and why to use Docker

Learn to use Docker images

Learn to create your own custom docker image and publish it on Docker Hub

Learn the concepts and create custom dockerfile

Learn to use Composer and handle multiple containers


Docker, the container management tool is ranked 1 in “Most Loved ” and 2 “Most Wanted” platform” in the 2019 and 2020 StackOverflow Survey. This symbolize the demand and popularity of Docker, that is shooting up and beyond.

In this course, you’ll learn about all the fundamental concepts of docker such as

  • What is Containerization?
  • What is virtualization?
  • Difference between VM and containers
  • How containers work and much more.

and then there will be lots of practical labs to make you capable of applying docker skills at the Information Technology (IT) Industry. As demand of Devops engineer is increasing rapidly, having Docker as a skill will help you to grab the valuable opportunity.

The average salary of a DevOps engineer is about $140,000 per year in Silicon Valley area which is 20% higher than the salary of a software engineer. So mastering this DevOps skills implies you will be staying ahead in the competitive job market!

Practical labs included:

  • Running all the important docker commands
  • Exploring Docker hub
  • Creating own docker image
  • Publish custom image on the Docker Hub
  • Build custom dockerfile
  • Learn to build Composer to manage multiple containers
  • and much more

Enroll this course now to become expert on most compelling technologies of the last decade. This crash course is fully packed with useful hands-on covering the key concepts at the same time without wasting crucial time of developer like you.



Docker Basics
Why Docker?
Pulling docker image for first time
Starting interactive bash & executing cmd into running containers from outside
Commands: version and info (optional)
Building Python Web Application + Dockerfile + Git
Creating Python Flask Web application
Writing Dockerfile
Pushing project into Github
Docker in Action
Running own docker image for first time
Push Docker image to Docker Hub
Docker Debugging Commands
Managing docker containers using Docker CLI
docker run = docker create + docker start
Backing up the docker image
Docker Compose
Writing Docker Compose YAML file
Adding Redis cache server
Adding Redis cache server into web application
Running multi containers using docker compose

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