Law, Goods and International Trade: How Products Travel

If you’re reading this piece of text right now, chances are it is on a laptop, phone or tablet. And if that is true then it is likely that those products (or the products within them) have been transported from one end of the planet all the way to another bypassing natural borders, oceans and forests to allow you to look at my face on the top right of your screen.

Its easy to take the miracle of International Trade for granted. The fact that goods are now able to seamlessly move from one continent to another is a relatively new phenomena in human history but how this exactly happens is not without complexity.

This course is designed to show how the Law is used to facilitate and regulate International Trade and the transport of goods across the world and is perfect for beginners with little knowledge of Trade Law (or Law at all) to become accustomed to basic legal concepts.

It is taught by Harris Mahmood, a Law Graduate and Private Legal Tutor from the University of Glasgow who will follow the journey of Alex, a budding entrepreneur attempting to sell his own brand of green tea in a foreign market and weaving his way through various political, legal and logistical hurdles.

The topics covered in this course are:

  1. Background and Setting
  2. International Sale of Goods Contracts
  3. International Rules on Shipping
  4. Sales Agents and Distributors
  5. Foreign Direct Investment
  6. WTO and Protectionism

By the end of this course you will understand how a start-up company selling a product is able to enter and then expand their business in a foreign country and how they weave through the legal hurdles to continue trading.

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