Learn step by step 5 easy crafts to gift or sell

What you will learn

Create handmade gifts

Learn a new skill

Save money with handmade gifts

Start your own Earring business


In this course I’ll be teaching you step by step 5 different crafts.  First, how to make a set of earrings,  this knowledge gives you a good basis on how to make earrings. You can make lots of different earrings when you start experimenting with different kinds of beads and bead caps.  Next, I am going to show you how easy it is, to make 3 different types of bath fizzies.  First I am going to show you how to make colored bath fizzies, then a colored bath fizzy with a gift inside the bath fizzy en last but not least a white bath fizzy with an initial inside the fizzy.  Next, we are going back to your childhood days to play with some clay, air dry clay and we are going to make a coaster or candle holder with the clay. Why have a boring keychain when you can make a unique figurine keychain, and then I am also going to teach you different paper Quilling shapes to make a decorative piece for your gift boxes. The course gives you a good basis for each project, giving you the opportunity to experiment with different ideas and designs on your own time. I also added in the resource section, a close-up guide of jewelry-making items, essential oils combinations, how to package the blue bath fizzy for kids, and an extra idea with the air dry clay.



Tools that you are going to need
Classic Pearl Drop Earrings -What do you need?
Classic Pearl Drop Earrings – Tutorial
Leaf Shaped Earrings – What do you need?
Leaf Shaped Earrings -Tutorial
Chain Earring – What do you need ?
Chain Earrings – Tutorial
Blue and Black Drop Earring- What do you need?
Black and Blue Drop Earrings – Tutorial
Personalized Earrings – (Step 1) What do You Need?
Ste1 – Tutorial
Personalized Earrings – What do you need ?
Personalized Earrings – Tutorial
Colourful Drop Earrings – What do you Need?
Colourful Drop Earrings – Tutorial
Paper Quilling Earrings – What do you need ?
Paper Quilling Earrings – Tutorial
Figurine Earrings – -What do you need?
Figurine Earrings – Tutorial
Charm Earrings – What you need and Tutorial
Colourful Cluster Earrings – What do you need ?
Colourful Cluster Earrings – Tutorial
Make an earring holder – Let the creative juices flow ! What do you need?
Earring Holder – Tutorial

Wrapping Ideas

Paper Quilling Decorative Piece – What do You Need For The Project?
Paper Quilling Decorative Piece – Tutorial
More shapes for your paper Quilling Designs
Wrapping Idea number 2 – Let me give you a hint, glass and paper
Wrapping Idea Number 3 – Toilet Paper Roll
Wrapping idea 4 – Wood and Rope
Wrapping Idea 5 – Tins
Wrapping Idea 6 – Star Quilling Piece
wrapping Idea 7 – Plastic Ball
Wrapping Idea 8 – Charms
How much can I ask for a set of earrings ?
Thank you

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