JavaScript Certified Developer Basic [2021]

Learn JavaScript from scratch with a comprehensive guide, exercises and quizzes

What you will learn

Learn JavaScript from scratch

Learn fundamentals and advanced concepts to boost or change your career

Understand type and multiple JavaScript methods

Understand the programming flow and JavaScript logic


JavaScript is taking over the programming world.

Started 25 years ago as native browser language, where you could had functionality to your website, to a full environmental language that can be used to build backend, web applications, mobile applications and even desktop applications with its frameworks.

Studies say that currently exist more than 1.400 million libraries built with JavaScript and each day more libraries and frameworks appear using JavaScript.

JavaScript is known for being easy to learn and by being the entry point to the software world for many new developers.

Most of the most famous libraries and frameworks are built with JavaScript like React, Angular, Vue, JQuery and much more.

Most of the job openings nowadays require using javascript or any of those frameworks and libraries, so it’s a good start to change your life!

In this course you will learn JavaScript fundamentals to advanced materials giving you a starting point to change or improve your career.

After this course you will be able to understand and develop with JavaScript entering a bigger world power by this language.

In this course you will learn:

– Programming Flow

– Variables, Declarations and Assignment

– Types

– Javascript Operators

– JavaScript Flow

– Functions In-Depth

– Objects In-Depth

– Arrays In-Depth

– Understand JavaScript

– JavaScript functionality

– Create and use cases

See you all there!



Introduction to JavaScript
JavaScript is The Interactive Behavior of Web Pages
JavaScript is for Everything Nowadays!
Getting Started
Setting Up Environment
Your First JavaScript Project
Creating a Separated JavaScript File
Naming JavaScript Files
Code structure
Add Extensions to Speed Up Coding Productivity
Setting up and Basics
Programming Flow
Detecting Errors
Case Sensitivity
Commenting Code and Notes
Programming Flow
Variables, Declarations and Assignment
Understanding Variables
Changing Variable Value
Naming Variables and Constants
Data Types
Variables, Declarations and Assignment
Integers and Floating Numbers
Numbers Operators
Operator Precedence
Checking Number Methods
Parsing Numbers to Strings or Opposite
NaN: Not-a-Number function
String Literal, Function and Syntax
Multiple Lines in Code Strings Using Back Ticks
Strings Escape Notations – How to Write Quote in a String Variable
Insert Variable or Constant in a String
Checking String Methods
Strings Method CheatSheet
More About Types
How to Check Type of a Variable or Constant?
Null and Undefined
Nullish coalescing operator ‘??’
Javascript Operators
Comparison Operators
Funny Consequence
Comparing === and ==
Strange result: null vs 0
The Ternary Operator
Logical Operators
Operator Precedence
Javascript Operators
JavaScript Flow
Conditionals Using if()
Truthy and Falsy
if … else
Looping with while()
Looping with do … while()
Looping with for()
JavaScript Flow
Break and Continue
Practical Example: Numbers Accumulator
Functions In-Depth
Why Do We Need Functions?
Function Declaration
Function Parameters
Default Parameters Values
Returning a Value from Function
Naming Functions
Function Expressions
Arrow functions
Function Closures and Scope
Immediately-Invoked Function Expressions (IIFE)
Functions Callbacks
Objects In-Depth
Object Syntax
Object Properties
Removing Object Properties
Property and Value Existence Checking
Practice – Functions and Objects
Object Methods
Using “this”
Object References and Copying
Shallow and Deep Object Cloning
Using The Spread Operator – Merging Objects
Constructor Functions
Garbage Collection
Math Object
Date Object
Assignment : Create a Calculator (Tiago will do it)
Arrays In-Depth
What is an Array?
Array Syntax
Multi-dimensional Arrays
Adding Elements to Array
Removing Array Elements
Printing Array Elements Using For Loop
Shallow and Deep Array Cloning
Spread Operator for Merging Arrays
Reversing and Sorting Arrays
Finding and Filtering Array Elements
Iteration Using Array.forEach
Change Array Using
Exploring Array.reduce
Exploring Array.some
Exploring Array.every
Useful Cheatsheet to Stick on Your Desk
Assignment : Filter big cities array
JavaScript Cheatsheet
Bonus Lecture

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