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Free IT support crash course networking hardware and computer maintainance

What you will learn

Computer’s hardware

Basics of networking

Computer maintainance

Basic commands


Hello dear students,

If you have deliberations if the IT industry is for you or having hard time with where to begin or understanding simple terms then you are at the right place.

This is a totally free course about computers hardware , networking including IP and MAC address , computer maintenance and more so that you get the latest knowledge and the necessary materials.

The course is set in a way that is built up from short straight to the point videos covering the basics into more advanced materials explained in a simple language and analogies.

All that is required from you is English, working computer , Internet connection and a user level experience with computers.

Furthermore at the end of the course you also get my email for any questions or enquiries.


Plus you have free 40 minutes zoom session with me regarding to the course , questions you have and the path you would like to choose.

If you think that this is the end than you are all wrong , you also get my linktree so that you can follow me on the different media platforms and get more quality content on a daily basis.

Let’s keep this little secret between us:

You will also be given the option to buy the full course if you like what you have seen.

Best regards,

Nathaniel Bador

Crash course

Computer’s hardware
IP Address
MAC Address
SSH connection
DNS explained
DNS problem + solution
Basic commands
Map a network drive
Add a printer
Computer cleanup
Extra content

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