Introduction to Tai Chi

Holistic Self Defense

What you will learn

Learn about how Tai Chi was developed.

Introduction to stretching for power.

Practice the basic movements of Tai Chi.

Learn the challenging and martial art application for Section 1 of the 54 movement Yang Style Tai Chi Form.


Tai Chi is well known for its slow, circular, fluid movement. It is an exercise practiced by young and old to help improve strength, balance, coordination and focus.

The Tai Chi Twins, Jeremy and Joshua Roarty, share their expertice from training with Chinese Masters who carried with them the original knowledge of this ancient and mysterious martial art.

This course will introduce you to Tai Chi.

  • Learn about Tai Chi’s origins from India to the Chen Family Village.
  • Increase strength and flexability through Power Stretches.
  • Improve your coordination by practicing single movement exercises designed to teach the mind and body how to communicate.
  • Learn the proper body structure that will help to increase your ballance.
  • Test your focus through the beautiful, flowing movements of the Yang Style Tai Chi form.
  • Use Tai Chi movements for self defense.

If you enjoyed this course, try our Beginner Tai Chi Course. There you will learn more Power Stretches, explore more of Tai Chi’s single movement and walking exercises and dive deaper into the 54 Movement Yang Style form and its martial art applications.

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  • Tai Chi For Longevity

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An Introduction to Tai Chi
Power Stretches
Single Movement Exercises
Body Structure and Balance
54 Movement Yang Style Tai Chi Form: Section 1

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