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The fact that the trade taking place abroad is very intense increases the importance of the international trade department day by day. Today, it is an important factor that the trade is global rather than domestically oriented.

The aim of the Department of International Trade is to train students who can easily adapt to the newly developing trade methods, use them effectively in their professional life and develop their institution financially and bring them to the sector.

Individuals who have graduated from the department of International Trade are some of the features that companies seek for their jobs are disciplined, leader, responsible, high in communication skills, suitable for teamwork, and developed social skills.

What are the courses of the International Trade Department?

Students of the Department of International Trade will encounter many digital, business and marketing courses throughout their education and they will be asked to be successful from these courses.

For prospective students who have the International Trade department on their preference list;

Business Mathematics,

Commercial Communication,

Management and organization,

Commercial Business Law,

International Business Law,

Marketing Principles,

Risk and Insurance,

Human Resources Management,

International Trade Logistics and Transportation,

International Financial Systems and Institutions,

Most courses will be required to be successful for 4 years, especially. If they complete these courses successfully, they will obtain the “International Trade Undergraduate Diploma”. After graduation, they have the title of “Foreign Trader”.

The main places of employment for people who graduated from the department of International Trade are listed below;


Logistics Companies,

Export-Import Companies,


In this course, you will learn much more, with its sincere expression, from the educators.

You can finish the course whenever and wherever you want, with the advantage of stopping where you want and continuing wherever you want.

With these opportunities provided by technology, you will receive your certificate when you complete this course.

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