Indian film music appreciation – part 2

This is in continuation to part 1 of the Indian film music appreciation course. This part will cover chords, harmony, forms and the aspect of guided listening. The main focus on this part is the aspect of applying the theoretical concepts and in identifying the elements in the film songs. the course is a mix of videos, quiz and downloadable resources. There is a quiz in each section of the course. It is mandatory that students complete part 1 of the course before taking up part 2. The section on chords will cover the aspects around major/minor triads, chord progressions, augmented, dominant and suspended chords. The form section will cover the music forms in Indian classical music, western music and the stricture of the form in Indian film music. The videos on listening covers 4 videos. The intent is to identify the musical aspects in film music. This includes identifying the raga, identifying the scale, identifying the rhythm and the form. We will also have a section which brings all of this together. The idea here is to introduce only a few ragas, scales & rhythm patterns. Once u are familiar we can explore more of these elements.  we would recommend that the listening section taken up over a period of 3-4 weeks so that there is sufficient time to absorb the concepts.

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