Image Processing using OpenCV from Zero to Hero, 8 Projects

Learn Practical Python OpenCV concepts and develop projects on completion of every module.

What you will learn

Learn OpenCV with Python

8 OpenCV Project

Image Processing with OpenCV

Image Translation

Smoothing Filters

Bitwise Operations and Masking

Convolution Process


Welcome toImage Processing using OpenCV from Zero to Hero” !!!

Image Processing is one of the areas of Data Science and has a wide variety of applications in the industries in the current world. Many industries looking for a Data Scientist with these skills. This course is completely project-based learning. Where you will do the project after completion of every module. Here I will cover the image processing from basics to advanced techniques including applied machine learning algorithms and models to images.


  • Image Basics
  • Drawings
  • Image Translation
  • Image Processing Techniques
  • Smoothing Filters
  • Filters
  • Graphical Use Interphase  (GUI) in OpenCV

Key Highlights in Section 1 to 7

We will start the course with very basic like load, display images. With that, we will understand the basic mathematics background behind the images. Also, I will teach you the concepts of Drawings and Videos.

Projects (Object Detection):

  1. Face Detection using Viola-Jones Algorithm
  2. Face Detection using Deep Neural Networks (SSD ResNet 10, Caffe Implementation)
  3. Real-Time Face Detection
  4. Facial Landmark Detection

Key Highlights in Section 8 to 11

We will slowly move into image processing concepts related to image transformations like image translation, flipping, rotating, and cropping. I will also teach arithmetic operations in OpenCV.

Project (Brightness Control):

  5. GUI based Brightness Control in Images

  6. Real-Time Brightness Control

Key Highlights in Section 12,13

In these sections, I will introduce new concepts on bitwise operations and masking, where you will learn the truth table and different bitwise operations like “AND“, “OR“, “NOT“, “XOR“.

Key Highlights in Section 14

Then we will extend our discussion on Smoothing Filter which is a very important image processing technique. In this section, I will teach smoothing techniques like Average Blur, Gaussian Blur, Median Blur & Bilateral Filter.

You will have complete access to Images, Data, Jupyter Notebook files that are used in this course. The code used in this course is written in such a way that you can directly plug the function into the real-time scenario and get the output. 

I will see you inside the course!!!


Srikanth Guskra



Load Display Save Image
What is Pixel ?
Converting Color
Accessing and Manipulate Pixels
Quiz – 1
Download the Resources
Abstract Circles
Working on Videos
Download the Resources
Load and Display Video
Frames Per Seconds (FPS) & Controlling FPS
Accessing Web Camera
Stacking Multiple Web Cameras
Project -1: Face Detection with OpenCV
Download the Resources
Download Cascade Classifier
Load Image and Cascade Classifier using OpenCV
Apply Viola-Jone Framework (cascade classifier) to Image
Draw Bounding Box
Face Detection Function
Project -2: Real Time Face Detection with OpenCV
Real Time Face Detection with OpenCV
Project -3: Face Detection with Deep Neural Network (DNN) OpenCV
Download the Resources
Face Detection with DNN Module
Load SSD ResNet 10 Caffe Model with OpenCV
Calculate Blob from Image
Get Face Detections Bounding Boxes from the DNN Model
Bounding Box : Set the threshold Confidence Score
Bounding Box: De-Normalize Bounding Box Co-ordinates
Bounding Box: Draw Rectangle and Put Text (confidence score)
Create Face Detection Function
Project-4: Real Time Face Detection with DNN OpenCV
Real Time Face Detection with DNN and OpenCV
Image Transformations
Download the Resources
Image Translation or Shifting
Rotating Image
Resizing Image
Flipping Image
Cropping Image
Arithmetic Operations in Images
Download the Resources
Addition in Image
Subtraction in Image
Blending Image Idea
Blending Image – OpenCV Python
Project – 5: Controlling Brightness of Image with GUI using OpenCV
Download the Resources
What we will develop ?
Controlling Brightness in Image
Project – 6: Real Time Brightness Control with GUI using OpenCV
Controlling Brightness in Videos
Bitwise Operations
Download the Resources
Truth Table for AND, OR, NOT, XOR
Bitwise AND
Bitwise OR
Bitwise NOT
Bitwise XOR
Download the Resources
Masking Image
Preparing Mask Image
Masking Image using “mask”
Example-2: Mask image with different shape
Example-3: Masking “circle” shape
Smoothing Filters
Download the Resources
Average Blur & Convolution Process
OpenCV: Average Blur
Gaussian Blur
OpenCV: Gaussian Blur
Median Blur
OpenCV: Median Blur for Salt Pepper Noise
Bonus Lecture

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