How-To Twinmotion (Beginner Course)

A Beginner’s Course on understanding and how to use Twinmotion

What you will learn

Understand WHAT is Twinmotion and what It can offer

Familiarize with the User interface of Twinmotion

Capability to add further design and assets to your Design and/or Model

Render and Visualize your Designs and/or Model

Export your Designs into images or videos that you can upload or share anywhere

Learn how to Render


A Beginner’s Course on understanding and how to use Twinmotion

This Course will guide you on how to use Twinmotion from scratch even without any prior knowledge of any similar Software.

Starting from an explanation as to what Twinmotion is, then unto its installation and an “optional” linking or importing if you’re experienced with any BIM Software but is not a requirement.

From the explanation and a basic overview of the user interface or parts of Twinmotion like the Library or Viewport for example.

After learning the parts we will then move unto the use of these parts and how to apply them to our “Scene” which is the “drawing area” of Twinmotion itself.

Placement of Objects and altering or modifying its parameters or attributes to better suit your liking or whichever you find comfortable for your design.

Material application as well as modifying it as well so it’d look better depending on the distance of the view from the model.

Transforming the landscape, environment, weather, daytime and so much more once we move on to more complex yet EASY to understand parts of the software.

Then finally we move to Rendering or directly into the export of our Model via Image, Videos or Panoramas.



Twinmotion for Beginners

How-To Twinmotion
Lecture 1 Quiz
Lecture 2 Quiz
Controls & Navigation
Lecture 3 Quiz
User Interface
Lecture 4 Quiz
Library Assets
Lecture 5 Quiz
Lecture 6 Quiz
Roads and Decals
Lecture 7 Quiz
Lecture 8 Quiz
Lecture 9 Quiz
Lecture 10 Quiz
Weather & Day-Time
Lecture 11 Quiz
Lecture 12 Quiz
Image Export
Lecture 13 Quiz

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