How to Speak English So that People may Listen to You

English Speaking and Presentation
What you will learn

What you will learn


This is a complete English Speaking Course which will provide you way to speak English in more fluently. This course not only aims to boost your confidence in English speaking but also help you to master your communication skills. Through this course you will learn The Art of Public Speaking.

In this course you will also gain the Effective Presentation Skills .We have provided a practical approach of learning English speaking by looking into different aspects of English speaking in day to day life.

Why this course?

* It provides practical and interesting English learning approach.

* It covers real life application with illustrations

* This course gives demonstrations of every topic written in content.

* This course will take your English to next level.

* It increases your chances of excel in Group discussion and interviews.

Who should take this course?

This course is made for

For beginner or even you are efficient in English speaking.

For an individual who want to get good job.

For those who want quick promotion in job.

For those who have regular interaction with foreign clients

For those who have basic or an intermediate knowledge.

Anyone who is interested in English speaking.

What we have provided in this course?

ü How to Introduce Yourself ?

ü How to attract you Audience ?

ü What to include in your Speech?

ü Components of Verbal Communication?

ü Components of Non Verbal Communication?

ü Evaluate Your Speech

ü Structure of Presentation

ü Types of Presentation

ü Techniques of Co – Presentation

ü PowerPoint Tips

ü Rehearsing your Presentation

ü Communication across different cultures

ü Telephone Etiquettes

ü Tips to excel during Group Discussions

ü Interview speaking skills

Every Lecture has Resource Section.

Read the Resources thoroughly to get in-depth knowledge of every topic and to make your concepts crystal clear.

Quizzes are also provided in the Resource section to check your understanding.

Bonus videos section contains videos of discussion of very Interesting topics.



What we are going to learn in this course?
How to Introduce Yourself?
Elevator Speech

Verbal and Non Verbal Communication

Essential Verbal Components of Speech
Essential Non Verbal Components of Speech

How to give impressive Speech ?

How to grab attention of Audience ?
Introductory part of Speech
What to include in your Speech ?
How to conclude your Speech?

How to give an Effective Presentation?

Types of Presentation
Techniques of Co-Presentation

Applications of English Speaking

Telephone Etiquettes
Group Discussion
Interview Speaking Skills
Bonus Videos

Lecture Slides

Lecture Slides

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