How To Quickly Grow Your YouTube Channel with TubeBuddy

Learn How To Get More Subscribers and Increase Views on Your YouTube Channel

What you will learn

Search Engine Optimization

Create Custom Thumbnail for YouTube

Add End Screen To YouTube Video

Choose High-Ranking Keywords

Get More Subscribers On Your Channel!


In this course, you will learn the exact YouTube SEO strategy that we use to optimize every single one of our videos, and that we teach to our private mentoring clients. To implement this strategy effectively, we use a paid tool called Tubebuddy. You will need Tubebuddy to follow through these exact steps.

In this course, you will learn practical steps for how to properly optimize your YouTube videos for the search engines so you can get more organic traffic to your YouTube channel.

It is my goal for you in this course to take a seemingly convoluted and intimidating topic like YouTube SEO and turn it into a set of simple action steps that you can easily apply to each one of your videos consistently.

Here are the steps you’ll learn:

  1. How to do keyword research using Tubebuddy’s Keyword tool (and why that matters)
  2. How to come up with an effective title for your videos that is both a) optimized for the search engines and b) attention-grabbing
  3. How to choose the right tags to further optimize your YouTube video.
  4. What to put your video description to further optimize your YouTube video.
  5. Additional YouTube SEO tips like how the filename of your video plays a role in optimizing your video.

All Skill Levels Welcome. If you’re ready to get more people watching your YouTube videos, enroll in this course now and I look forward to seeing you on the inside 🙂





Getting Started With TubeBuddy

How To Use TubeBuddy Keyword Explorer

Choosing The Right Keywords For Your Video

How To Use TubeBuddy SEO Studio

Optimize Your Video For Top Search Results

How To Use TubeBuddy Thumbnail Creator

Creating A Custom Thumbnail For More Views

Add End Screen And Card Using TubeBuddy

Adding An End Screen To Your Video

Adding A Suggestion Card To Your Video

How To Use Video Analytics in YouTube Studio

Understanding Your Video Analytics In YouTube Studio

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