How to Make Hand Embroidery Christmas Cards | Patterns Incl

What you will learn


How to select materials for embroidery on paper


How to transfer pattern on paper


How to embroider on paper different stitches and use different fabric to add more texture


How to glue embroidery template on paper base card


Useful tips on how to correct small mistakes that happen when you are making Cards


Hello and welcome to my embroidery course!


My name is Vesna and I have been studying different embroidery techniques for a few years now. I am really passionate about colours and the diversity of textures that can be made with thread and a simple needle.

I like to study new techniques and apply them to my own drawings and designs.


What is Embroidery on Paper?

It is just that. We will be using techniques from hand embroidery and adjusting them in a way, that will enable us to embroider on paper.

I truly believe anyone can embroider on paper – so you are very welcome to join the course if you wish to try something new or to experience embroidery on new media. In this course, we will focus on Christmas and New Year-themed Cards.


What Will I Learn in This Course?

In this course, you will learn which stitches you can use on paper. You will also learn how to design your own pattern for Christmas Card. I will share with you useful tips for materials and tools that you need for embroidery on paper. You can use these techniques to create Embroidery paper cards or you can even frame your finished works and turn them into wall hanging pictures or add a new embroidery panel on your favourite notebook.


What supplies do you Need Supplies to Complete This Course?

You need threads (ANY!), a needle (with an eye big enough to get the thread through), scissors, masking/washi tape and paper (220 grams or higher).


How Are Lessons Presented in This Course?
Each lesson is filmed and is in video format, so you will be able to pause, rewind, and watch as many times as you need while you’re creating your embroidery card alongside me.

The class is split into five segments:

1. Introduction

2. Materials and Tools

3. How to make Christmas Ball Embroidery Card

4. How to make Christmas Tree Embroidery Card (first version)

5. Design and Embroider Your Christmas Tree Pattern (second version)

6. Additional Tips

7. Final thoughts

You will be able to download the resource I’ve provided which is a PDF containing the pattern you for embroidery cards/paper panels.


Why Should I Choose This Course?

My life drastically changed after I had my knee injury. After COVID-19 my life drastically changed again. I have decided to upgrade my other skills and to offer my rich knowledge through online courses.

I am grateful for all that has happened to me because now I am living and working with my passion – embroidery – every day.

My goal is to share my passion for embroidery with other people and inspire them to try it and learn something new.

I want to display techniques clearly so anyone can learn from my videos.

Do You Provide Freebies, Additional Embroidery Patterns and Embroidery How-To(s) Elsewhere?
Yes! I have an embroidery blog:   myembroiderypassions  dot  com  – here you will find my Free Patterns, Step-By-Step Tutorials for Beginners and also several Upcycling Ideas. I also write articles about Embroidery Bussines.   

I hope this course is will provide you with new skills and fresh ideas for your future projects!


Stay creative,








Materials and Tools

Materials and Tools

How to make Christmas Ball Embroidery Card

Transfer the pattern
Embroidery of Christmas Ball
Adding the String to Christmas Ball

How to make Christmas Tree Embroidery Card (first version)

How to make Watercolors Background
Transfer the Pattern for Christmas Tree
Lights on Christmas Tree
Embroidery of Christmas Tree
Glue Embroidery on Base Card

Design and Embroider Your Christmas Tree Pattern

Design You Christmas Tree Pattern
Adding Lace
Embroidery of Christmas Tree

Additional Tips

Additional Tips

Final thoughts

Final thoughts


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