How to make embroidery design/bird embroidery

What you will learn


How to make embroidery design


how to make a bird embroidery design


how to make a peacock embroidery


Embroidery design


Basic stitching


How to sew


How to do stitching/how to make an embroidery design

Hello guys, in this lesson /course you will learn how to make embroidery design step by step, completely narrated by me easy to go along and also how to make basic stitches and everything about how to make an embroidery design

How to make a peacock embroidery design without machine, easy step by step process

Basic stitching technique, easy simple making bird embroidery design

Use of different stitching techniques and also a separate section about essential materials required.

Complete in-depth focusing on peacock covering chain stitch, cross-stitch, and so many other stitching methods

Making embroidery design is now easy and anyone can do it without any machine

A simple design can be used for kids clothes, hanky, towels, caps, and other fashion designing purposes

Quite a basic ideal for beginners, intermediate and for anyone who wants to learn how to embroider, making simple easy minimal embroidery design

1) Introduction focusing on course content

2) Materials required

3) In-depth explanation about different stitching methods

4) Learning about different colors used in making an embroidery design

5) Anyone can make this design with simple practice

6) Completely narrated by the artist

7) How to use a fabric for sewing

8) Sewing without machine

9) tips and tricks to how to sew efficiently

10) how to fold the fabric for sewing

11) how to use a needle holder and how to make it

12) and many more





Materials required
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7


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